8 reasons my son Liam is crying

Kids. One minute he is all lovey dovey and touching your face with his saliva drenched hand, the next minute he’s wailing like you just cut off his finger.

When he’s had his milk, his nap and in clean, fresh diapers yet still crying…take a deep breath and take pictures so that in 15 years you can embarrass him on the interwebs.

Behold, 8 reasons why my son cries:

1. This walker stinks.

2. This highchair stinks.

3. Carrots stink.

4. This dog stinks.

5. This changing station stinks.

6. This carseat stinks.

7. This steering wheel stinks.

8. Mummy, you stink!

Very attractive, son.

Sorry Liam, you brought this upon yourself.

3 thoughts on “8 reasons my son Liam is crying”

  1. Kimberly, Much of what you said was tongue in cheek. The main reason a baby of Liam’s age cries is that’s his only way of communicating. He is still discovering his own body. Example, pain. We understand if our tummy hurts, if we have gas, or an acidic stomach. If Liam has pain in that area, all he knows is that something hurts. He can’t tell you – “mummy my tummy hurts”. You won’t hear that for some years. Babies LIam’s age are either happy, most of the time, unhappy, c/o pain, no enough attention or simply because he cannot explain what he wants you to know. Liam can understand over 2000 words know. But at his age the concept of pain is a mystery to him. He just knows that if he has pain, it simply hurts. His langauge skill and mental ability to express himself, are years away from such ability.

    Have fun with him, and share the joys, fun and simple love a child brings into your life.

  2. So much cute, I can’t even!!! I’m just glad photos don’t have sound automatically attached. Lol. This post would be a well loud one otherwise! O:

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