2nd Wedding Anniversary

Two years ago, Gareth and I celebrated our wedding at with friends and family.

Last year, we celebrated our 1st wedding anniversary at the beautiful Malihom.

This year, we will celebrate our 2nd anniversary with our lil tyke, Liam :)

Before Liam was born, the husband and I made a pact – to always prioritise each other over our children. I suppose some people may find this weird or even unacceptable. How could your spouse come before your children?

We’ve likened it to an emergency situation on an airplane. Despite parental intuition to first help a child put on the oxygen mask, the instruction is that one must put on the oxygen mask first BEFORE helping to put it on a child. The reason is simple really; a conscious adult is more capable of taking care of a child than the conscious child alone.

Basically, we are each other’s oxygen mask. If we don’t help each other first, we won’t be able to help our children. If we neglected each other’s needs, our child’s needs will not be fully fulfilled. We have to first keep each other happy in order to keep our kids happy.

Make sense?

So, despite a sneaky intention to forgo any celebration of our 2nd wedding anniversary due to still being rather overwhelmed by the demands of our infant son, I say NO to this nonsense. NO to not celebrating because you do it once, you do it always.

I am his oxygen mask and he is mine and together we’re going to make today as special as possible.

Gareth, I love you so much. Thank you for being such a wonderful husband to me.

Thank you for being my rock, especially this year when Liam arrived too early and had to be admitted to NICU. While I only had to care about Liam, you had to care about me, Liam, work AND also the mountain of medical bills. Not once you faltered under stress.

Thank you for being a positive anchor in my life, for always reminding me that there’s no other way of living other than to constantly improve as a person. My speed is slow but you remain patient and ever willing to nudge me further. You are my inspiration, my life mentor.

Because of you, I have the confidence to be a good mother to Liam and his future siblings. And thank you for being so smart. Actually I have to thank my mom-in-law, Susan for that hehe. Thanks Mom!

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary boobr! Here’s to at least 70 more to celebrate together.

12 thoughts on “2nd Wedding Anniversary”

  1. Kimberly, Happy Second anniversary! 23 more and you will be at the same point my wife and I are. We are just weeks away from celebrating 25 years together. I’ll share a few lessons learned.

    Two people have to grow togehter, help the other overcome any emotional baggage from the past. Do no bring old mistakes over and over. Do look for lessons learned that affected both of you. Talk about everything under the sun.

    Never assume anything.

    Keep in mind your partner is not a mind reader. More often than you realize you need to verbalize what you are feeling or thinking about. Lover one another every day.

    Do not end the day angry or take anger into the bedroom.

    A happy, loving and successful marriage requires two people who are equal opportunity forgivers.

    Many more happy, healthy and fun years to you, Gareith, Liam and the next child you bring into this world!

  2. Happy anniversary Kim and Gareth.. ! Thanks for the reminder of the oxygen for self before the kids.. My spouse and I really need those..

  3. The best gift we can ever give our children is a strong, loving relationship with our spouse. May your marriage continue to grow stronger with each passing year, and may you and your husband fall in love with each other again and again and again!

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