Keep calm and feed the baby

Been a while since I last dolled up. I believe it was for my birthday dinner all the way back in July, just a week before I gave birth to Liam. That’s 2.5 months of wearing milk-soaked tattered old t-shirts!

Boy it feels good to have some clean clothes on. And spending some time on my face that doesn’t involve wiping vomit off.

I inherited the blue top from my mom, it’s possibly older than me. Belt I got about 10 years ago, but I think it still works. Midi skirt and clutch from Chatuchak, Bangkok. Heels from Payless.

Managed to get some work done when Liam was being a model baby for two straight days.

Glad I took the opportunity to do something productive while I had the chance because he started being fussy from 7am all the way till midnight yesterday – a constant cycle of feeding, puking and earth-shattering cries.

Thankfully, he is fine again today, although a bit needy. But I can deal with cuddles, just not the overly frequent feedings #sorenipples and frequent puking #6romperchangein24hours.

Anyway I am now 100% sure he vomits whenever I ate dairy. So byebye whipped cream, pouring cream, milk, cheeses and butter. Till we meet again when I stop breastfeeding……

One thought on “Keep calm and feed the baby”

  1. Kimberly, You look fantastic!

    New mom’s do need time to be a women like the the way they were before baby.

    I trust Gareth is helping you find some time to enjoy yourself. Spouses need to ensure there is time with thier partner together to celebrate marriage and taking care of the other. Hopefully you will soon share a post with you and your favorite girls out for a day.

    Gareth and Liam do need some guy time together.

    Best wishes, and keep looking great!

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