The story of our first born’s name.

We knew his name even since before he was conceived. It’s Liam.

Why Liam? Cause the husband and I really like Liam Neeson and Liam Gallagher. #truestory

When his godma, Jayna told me that Liam is defined as “P.I.M.P” on Urban Dictionary, the name officially stuck.

Then, we struggled for a bit with his middle name. First we weren’t sure if we even wanted a middle name for him because nothing stood out. The last thing we wanted was settling for some tepid middle name for the sake of having a middle name.

Eventually, we kind of decided on “Bruce” for his middle name. Why Bruce? Hello, Bruce Lee!? And Bruce Lee is chinese so I can say that it’s the oriental representation of Liam’s chinese genes.

After a while, I realised we were actually going to name our first born purely after celebrities. Gulp. Surely we could put more research into this? Hahaha.

So we put a halt on “Bruce” and decided to look at more names. We toyed with “Samson” for a while because it was almost my husband’s name according to my mother-in-law.

Unfortunately, I was put off by the tale of Samson and Delilah. In a nutshell, Samson lost his superhuman strength after losing his hair. Well, for those of you who know my husband, surely you’d understand why I’m not comfortable with naming our son Samson.

Then, we did the next best thing; going though A-Z of male baby names on the Internet. We arrived at the name “Colt”. I thought it sounded quite manly and it’s a one syllable word, which I like. So I googled for its meaning, “a young uncastrated male horse”.

I felt like the planets had aligned for us as Liam’s born in the year of the horse to a man who’s also born in the year of the horse – my husband. And Colt is also the name of a gun so of course it’s naturally very badass. Lets not even discount the definitions on Urban Dictionary, hahaha.

# – My two horses.

So yeah, with a bit of Google magic, some love for celebrities and Urban Dictionary, we finally settled on naming our son, Liam Colt Davies.

And yes, Liam’s home :)

10 thoughts on “The story of our first born’s name.”

  1. Kimberly, thank you for this most interesting tale of how Liam’s name was deteremined. Most of us never find that out.

    Save this post for him, someday he will find the story of how he got his name interesting.
    Do keep in mind, that by the time your son is a young man and later an adult, that Liam will be displaced from the list of coolest names.

    When he starts school it will be interesting to see how many other Liam’s are in his school.

    Praying the three of you have a great life for many years to come!

  2. Congrats! Nice name with cool initials – LCD. May there never be any doofuses in his future who will mispell his middle name to Clot.

  3. Hehe. I have a son named after a Lion because he was born in the year of the Tiger!

    I initially wanted to name my daughter Leigh. Then I realised that it would probably ruined her life given that my husband’s surname is Goh.

  4. I love that coincidence! My son was born in the year of dragon and so did my husband. I thought that was exciting, haha. I almost gave my son ‘little dragon’ as his middle name, ya know, like Bruce. But we live on the western hemisphere and no one would have been able to pronounce it properly.

    Congratulations to all of you :)

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