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I love Tesco Online Malaysia’s mobile app!

It’s happening! I have started to waddle #pregnancy

These days, a trip to the grocery store is not really my cup of tea anymore. I much prefer to vege out on my sofa reading 50 Shades of Grey, which is the only literature my pregnant mushy brains could process nowadays.

Thank goodness Tesco has a great online shopping service and I don’t even need to get off my butt to use the computer as Tesco Online Malaysia has an amazing mobile app that works brilliantly.

# – Tesco Online Malaysia mobile app on my smartphone.

Now I can have essentials delivered right to my doorstep.

# – Simple and straight-forward interface.

The app loads incredibly fast, very easy to use and very practical. Best of all, you can scan your Tesco card straight onto the app, so there’s no need for tedious typing of the membership number.

There’s also this nifty product barcode scan feature on the app that is so useful! Lets say you’re at a friend’s house and you spotted something from Tesco that you would like to buy for yourself in the future, just use the app to scan it and save it to a list for future purchases.

# – Voila…all done. Now just make sure someone’s available at the delivery time to receive the goods.

Thank you Tesco Online Malaysia, works everytime!

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