The day we found out.

This was written on  2.40am on 27 January 2014. I was sitting on my toilet bowl, emptying my bowel for the umpteenth time.


7 days ago on the morning of 20 January 2014. All those haziness, emotions, fatigue, sore breasts, suspicions and violent belly gas in the past weeks had culminated into a strong urge to head to the pharmacy.

I walked in, asked the pharmacist for folic acid. She asked me back, “For pregnancy?”.

“Hurm, guess so.”

“Ah…for pre-natal. Just one second”, she said.

She passed me a box with ‘FOLIC ACID’ brightly emblazoned across it.

“Take one a day, that’s all you need”.

I could have walked straight out. I could have walked straight to my car and driven home. But I didn’t.

Instead, I grabbed two boxes of ClearBlue. I was familiar with the contraption, having used it a couple of weeks ago when I suspected I was with child.

I paid up for my goods. While walking to the car I felt suspiciously eyed on. Felt like I was doing something naughty. What a weird feeling!

As soon as I reached home, I ripped open a box of ClearBlue and peed on it. And then I waited for what seemed like an eternity.


I waited a little bit more.

It still said, “Pregnant”.

I smiled. I ran up to our bedroom, flung the door open to my sleeping husband.


He roused and rubbed his eyes.


I couldn’t speak. I was smiling so hard, pee covered stick in my hand.

I turned on the lights and looked straight into his eyes, still smiling.

Then he noticed the stick in my hand. “Pregnant?”

“YES!!!!”, I roared.

And then I jumped right into his open arms and we hugged for the longest time.

We had a look at the stick again, by now it was showing how far a long I was; 3+ weeks.


We felt so good, so happy, so at peace because we know we are 100% ready.

Doctor confirmed it with a scan.

A couple of hours later, it began. The epic runs, the green tsunami, pissing from my ass – shit by any other name would still smell as bad.

Instead of morning sickness, instead of constipation…I got diarrhoea. And I was still at it 7 days later. As I spent most of my time on the throne, I decided to blog this.

So yes, Gareth and I – we are pregnant with our first child! :)


Today is 24 March 2014. The hubs has made the official announcement on Facebook and his blog yesterday.

We are now just over 13 weeks, entering 2nd trimester. Exciting times! Went through the morning sickness and had a bit of a scare but all is good now :)

I always thought women who suffer from morning sickness are drama queens, how can you projectile puke without warning?

Well, now I understand that you can. I have learnt to puke in my mouth and then swallowed it back multiple times because I didn’t want to be “that girl that projectile vomitted in a food court”. I have learnt to drive while hurling into a plastic bag.

Here’s the latest picture of our baby:

See the arm? We’ve got a raver!

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  1. Congratulations Kim & Gareth! Wishing you both the best for the future with the lil one! xoxo Looking forward to more baby updates ;) This will be one very tall baby :) hehehe…

  2. Kim & Gareth,

    Congratulations are well deserved. I trust your preparations, the love you and Gareth share and nuture will be reflected and returned many times over from your child!

    The days, weeks and months ahead will see changes in Kimerbly first and most. The day you bring your child home will have you and Gareth embarking on one of lifes greatest journeys yet!

    May health, joy and happiness fill both your lives!

  3. Congrats Kim & G! So happy for u guys. Epic journey & play dates ahead :DDD

    You’re so smart to use the clear blue digital on 1st test – it’s awesome with the preggie duration too. Had used 2 different testers (forgot the brand) until I learnt about this one. Wanted to be sure & doc’s appointment only at the end of the week.

  4. Coming over from Gareth’s blog. Wished the father so now must wish Mama – congratulations both of you! take lots of cat naps, eat well and talk to ‘baby raver’ lots.

  5. Kimberly,
    Some thoughts to share with you and Gareth now that your first child is growing within you!
    The women writing here has some of the most beautiful thoughts about motherhood and pregnancy. She does not take this lightly, as you already know, your body is changing rapidly and soon mood swings of such you have never experienced will start.

    From 3mamas: “I am just getting into my 2nd trimester and find myself worrying if I have gained enough, if the baby is growing enough… Our cares and worries are ongoing and constant! Our bellies grow and our hips expand… our wardrobes change and we have to think about clothes that fit our changing body. We have to go through that awkward stage of swimming in maternity clothes and busting out of our normal non-pregnancy clothes. Pregnancy is a very PHYSICAL time of neediness and changes. It is a very EMOTIONAL time of neediness and changes. Needless to say, it can be a thoroughly exhausting time!”

    Did I say “the Universe”? From the infant’s point of view, yes, indeed! Research has shown that the newborn’s sight, generally hazy and undefined, is designed to come to a focus at one specific distance: 8 to 12 inches, not much more and not less. Why 8 – 12 inches? Because that’s the distance from a nursling’s eyes to his mother’s face while he is being cradled at her breast. Increasingly, within weeks of birth, he’s not looking at her breast. He’s looking at her eyes.

    She fills his whole range of vision: she satisfies his hunger and thirst, succors him with warmth and comfort; the timbre of her voice (the higher female tone) is precisely the range of frequencies his ears are fine-tuned to hear. She is his Universe: to the nursling, she is the Immensity.

    ~Sia in Vancouver, WA

    I will pray for you, Gareth and your child, and with many in this world, follow your greatest adventure to date!

  6. Congratulations Kimberly!

    I love your honest account of going through morning sickness and hope to follow your progress on your blog :)

  7. Congratulations!! I read this post with so much smile on my face! I dont know you but i feel so happy for you!! Have a safe and happy pregnancy! Eat well!!! Can you feel my excitement? hahah All the best

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