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Old lady, dragon lady and Downton Abbey

Had a senior moment this morning at the office.

Was having a pee. Then decided to use the bidet. Turned it on and….

Water shot straight out of the hose, hit the ceiling and rained back down on me.



I think I am too blunt for my own good. Over the years I have learnt to be quiet  but now and then I would still blurt out something incredibly offensive in a conversation.

The topic of conversation was Asian cultures and I got a bit carried away.
I shared that I told my husband, that as a chinese woman, I like to be working while knowing I have the choice to quit.

Man, I regretted as soon as I said it. The table was quiet and guess who’s the new Dragon Lady in town?

Anyway, it was a joke!

Ok, maybe half a joke.


We have started Downton Abbey. I delayed watching it for so long because after watching two episodes of The Tudors some time ago, I had developed a disdain for period dramas (Boardwalk Empire excluded).

Anyway, Downton Abbey is crack. I can’t get enough of it. In fact I am typing so fast now because am dying to get back to watching episode 2 of Season 3.

To think that in the beginning, I kept disrupting Gareth mid-watching to ask him why were they pronuncing “Down town” as “Down tern” in the show. Hur hur hur.

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