Bane of my life

Bad hair day.

# – Meh.


Dress from Sally Fashion. Belt from Debenhams. Shoes from Bangkok. Bag from ri2k. Hairband from Bangkok.


Bane of my life. Traffic jams. Been so awful this past week it’s giving me anxiety attacks.

Homicidal and suicidal thoughts holding hands skipping happily through my brains everytime am stuck in yet another traffic jam.

Worst thing is there is no real reason for the jam. The working crowd know their routes so there is no excuse in not planning your lane change.

You are just being a fucking inconsiderate asshole for cutting queues and a bigger idiot for not giving way.

Why do you want to get stuck together with other assholes and risk having your car dented? Just give way and everyone moves slowly but at least you are fucking moving.

Malaysians? Idiots!

Was stuck for more than 2 hours going home. So tired I could not think.

Thank goodness for hubby whipping up dinner and made everything okay again. 
# – Love.


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