16th day of #KimGarethEurotrip - Narcissism is Necessary

16th day of #KimGarethEurotrip

Clothes recycling on overdrive now hehe. This was taken at North Hill, Minehead.

# – Pretending it’s not cold again.


Jumper from Puma. Dress from Bangkok. Shoes from Onitsuka Tiger. Sunglasses from Bazarro.


We went to visit Gareth’s Aunt Jean who lives in Minehead, a beautiful coastal town.

It was about 2 hours drive from Worcester. We stopped by at North Hill for a picnic first.

# – Hubs and mom-in-law.


# – Yummy!


It was a lovely picnic with beautiful view of the sea.

# – The view.


After lunch, we made our way to Jean’s.The first to greet us was Blaize.

# – Blaize and his squirrel. He looks like a fluffier, bigger version of Charlie.


Jean made us an awesome dinner, which we ate in her gorgeous garden overlooking Minehead beach.

# – Started with appetizers.


# – Then more ham with melon.


# – Spatchcock chicken with new potatoes and assorted salads.


# – Aunt Jean and her partner, Brian.


# – Cheeses and pavlova after the sun has set. Burp!


# – The delicious strawberrry & raspberry pavlova.


We had a lovely time! Then, me & Gareth slept in Jean’s enormous motorhome for the night haha. It was better than some of the hotels we had stayed in during our Eurotrip!

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  1. KY August 22, 2013 at 10:34 am #

    i need some of those pavlova!

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