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Cuckoo over Kakaotalk

Recently I’ve downloaded a chat app called Kakaotalk. The hubs and I love it plainly for the range of emoticons or “stickers” as they call them. You know how there are feelings you can’t just express with the average emoticons, but with Kakaotalk, you can.

# – See what I mean??

You can also send all types of stuff like pictures, videos, contact info either in a one-to-one chat or in a group chat. And you know what, there is NO LIMIT to how many people you can add to a group chat! That’s epic.

Of course, the app is free. Downloaded mine from Google Play and the registration was so easy because there was none? All you need to do is just enter your mobile phone number.

# – Free!

There’s also a free chat feature. Basically you could call any of your contact on Kakaotalk and chitchat till the cows come home all at the price of nothing but time. Woohoo!

# – Free chat for the win!

No wonder am cuckoo over kakao.

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