5th of May – the morning after.

Yeap, so incredibly sad. And angry.

Am not angry because the opposition lost, to be honest I was’t even expecting an opposition victory but I really didn’t expect that it could get that dirty.

Localised blackouts at places where opposition was expecting marginal wins followed by appearances of “new” ballot boxes, delible “indelible” ink, non-malaysian voters, phantom voters, criminal intimidations, the list goes on.

And then when they’ve won through these filthy means, they had the cheeks to say that Chinese Malaysians’ complete abandonment of MCA would cause discord among Malaysians. WHAT THE FUCK?

If anything, this general elections have united Malaysians more than anything. My mom said in all her years of voting, she had never ever needed to queue, what more queuing up from the road? 80% turnout, wow Malaysians! Just wow!

In a moment of anger, I said I was devising exit plans on Twitter. Oh well, nothing wrong with some planning, just in case shit hits the fan. But, on 2nd thought, I think moving to Penang is a good enough alternative. A state government with a humble Chief Minister that flies economy, who got imprisoned for standing up for the rights of a girl of different race and treasures national heritage….dude, I’m completely sold.

5 more years of public funds abuse, racial politics, unhealthy amount of political patronage, no press freedom, the poor gets poorer, the middle-class getting more and more in debt, the rich finding themselves having to pander more to the powers that be, education going to the shitters, plundering of our environment, the list goes on.

I wish I could end this with “You asked for this!”, but we all know that it isn’t true.

Good luck Malaysians!

6 thoughts on “5th of May – the morning after.”

  1. Those were my thots as well when the results were announced but exiting the country doesn’t always promise a bed of roses. With kids in tow, i guess i need to take a step back and think this more carefully.
    In the meantime, let’s move on and pray for peace.

  2. Hi,

    I’ve been a reader of your blog for years.
    This election has been my 4th and my political view has always been non-partisan.

    I’m tired of LGE championing himself as martyr as well as AI. But that’s just me.

  3. It was a morning of hope when I met some of my fellow secondary schoolmates queuing up at the gate for our turn to make a change for the country. Later that night I watched in disbelief as the incumbent government retook control of the country. It then dawned on to me that any attempts at sudden change in ruling regime is met with much prejudice (and violence), but we as the rakyat have been steadily eroding support so much so that by the next GE (Allah willing), we’ll see the dawn of a new nation.

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