Happy Chinese New Year 2013

2013 CNY is so different for me because G and I have to give angpows out for the first time!

All in all, I only received a total of 4 angpows this year – from my dad, mum, popo and awesome kaufu/kaumou :)

# – My face packing angpows. Serious business.

First day of CNY was spent with my parents and some relatives. Good thing I married a white man…I can still spend CNY with my family :D

# – What we wore on 1st day.

So mitchy matchy? Cause I did the shopping :P

I got my entire 2013 CNY wardrobe from Forever21 cause they were having an awesome sales.

# – All stuffed in one car to visit relatives. Dad, Mom, me, G and my two brothers.

This is our only family portrait for CNY 2013. I don’t know why we don’t have a family portrait tradition. I get kinda jealous seeing other families doing it…I must initiate it next year. I also need to do that tea pouring ritual for my parents. I can’t even play mahjong. I must improve on being a chinese.

On the 2nd day we went to visit my popo in Mentakab, my mom’s mom. She’s awesome <3 She's the light of our family, always jolly and interested. Yes, she does bug me about having babies but only in a caring, loving granny sort of way. I love her so much! She was randomly telling me a story about how a young hen's egg when cracked onto a hot saucepan the yolk would stay intact, while an old hen's egg when cracked onto a hot saucepan the yolk would just disintegrate. Then she gave me a troll smile. Oh my popo! # - Here she is distributing ice cream cones to us. My lil brother, Nicklaus...his face is epic here.

Of course no CNY is complete without some firecrackers. Surprisingly it was my kaumou who was the most gungho about lighting it up.

# – Boom boom pow.

We left Mentakab for home after that, and I have vegetated since. I haven’t gambled once. Again, I need to improve on being a chinese.

Happy lunar new year everyone! Hope the snake year will bring you abundance of wealth and great health to enjoy them. Most importantly, hope you’re surrounded by good loving people always.

Gong hei fatt choi!

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