Resolutions for 2013.

Last year, I made a list of resolutions for 2012 and now it’s time to see if I had managed to achieve any.

My resolutions for 2012 and their statuses:

1.I vow to strike out all the unfulfilled resolutions in 2011 (all 6 of them).

Pimp up my ride (change the body kit, put in a sweet stereo system, install anti-roll bar, noise-proofing, maybeeee repaint :D).
Nope :( but… :)

Drive to Thailand.
We’ve done that! But obviously it’s the hubs who did the driving. I’m going to do it this year though.

Dive in Philippines.
Nope :( We did dive in Indonesia so that’s good. We’ve got a diving trip planned in May 2013 as well it’s very near Philippines but still consider Malaysia haha.

Get proper singing lessons (because I don’t want to waste these great genes, ahem).
Not yet…too chickenshit :(

Get proper sewing lessons (so I can sew in a straight line).
Honestly, I think I’ve lost the interest in sewing.

Run everyday (so Charlie can run instead of walk alongside me, so my heart can be strong & healthy despite the truck load of pork I’ll be consuming and finally, so money on that treadmill won’t be burnt :P)

2. I vow to get my eyesight fixed with Lasik.
DONE! This is the best thing I have ever done for myself. To read about my lasik experience, go here.

3. I vow to make a crockenbouche.
Crap! I didn’t really make crockenbouche T_T but I did make choux pastry so technically am halfway there!

4. I vow to take care of my hair a little better than I normally do.
I guess? I am using virgin coconut oil for my hair these days…seems to work cause my hair is less frizzy!

5. I vow to travel more.
Not as much as I prefered but I did get out of the country a few times.

6. I vow to print and hang pictures on our currently empty walls.
Yikes! 2 years in this house and we haven’t actually done that :P

7. I vow to read at least one book a month.
I kept it up for about half a year….then failed :P

8. I vow to be positive and optimistic.
Not bad :)

9. I vow to be forgiving and patient.
Yes and no. I was very unforgiving and impatient towards certain people. I dropped two people permanently off my life cause life is too short to hang out with people that mess with your bliss.

10. I vow to be grateful and thankful for everything, no matter how trivial.
Glad to say I pretty much stuck to that. It is a very rewarding feeling.

11. Dig a hole in my backyard so when the world ends, I can hide in it.
You know how that turned out..

So what are my resolutions for 2013?

1. Take my mummy on a vacation
2. Get fitter (I know right, how cliched)
3. Dive in the Philippines (of course!)
4. Make a crockenbouche (I will really this time!)
5. Travel more. (Duh)
6. Start a bliss business (by that I mean something that is completely not profit oriented but I’d just do it because it makes me happy)
7. Have bi-monthly mini vacations with my girlfriends. (You all reading this?)
8. Get singing lessons! (Which means I need to get some balls too)
9. Get my teeth straightened (Am not too sure actually about this, cause I am completely put off by not being able to eat ferociously from my recent wisdom tooth extraction surgery T_T but vanity might just overcome this….)
10. See my family more regularly.

Have a good year, peeps!

13 thoughts on “Resolutions for 2013.”

  1. friends and family asked why i went to do braces now instead of years ago when i was so much cheaper. i don’t know coz it just strike me in the head. now, i get to clean the teeth better and straighter, and stronger teeth. if i didn’t do it, i will get more spoil teeth. in the beginning, the first few months, especially the first month was really torture coz i can only eat porridge. putting on braces is one resolution that i finally did.

  2. lasik was the best thg and braces was the nxt best thg, let’s do it (i’ll support u all the way!) let’s biz and let’s vacation soon soon soon ya…xx

  3. I honestly don’t see why you shoulnd’t take singing classes. You have a natural incredible voice, and you sing in-tune, so what is there to be chickenshitted about? NO EXCUSES. GO FOR YOUR CLASSES. Don’t make me come over there and bitchslap the chickenshit out of you. :P

  4. “6. I vow to print and hang pictures on our currently empty walls.
    Yikes! 2 years in this house and we haven’t actually done that :P”

    you know how Clem and i got them up our walls? he requested them as his 2011 Christmas present so i had NO CHOICE but to pick some, print them, buy photo frames and TADA! frames everywhere in the house. hahaha

  5. oh yeah make sure you take your mummy on a holiday… you’ll never regret something as important as that.

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