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How to gain pure confidence in the kitchen.

Do you agree with me, that women these days are unlike our mothers in their times. While we have no trouble holding our own at work, we often find ourselves slightly struggling in the kitchen.

Our mothers just seem to naturally know what to do in the kitchen – how much salt to put in a dish, how to trim vegetables, how to brine a chicken, how to whip up an impressive meal. Yes, it’s probably due to years of experience but according to my mom, she was in the kitchen helping out before she even turned 10!

I guess you can say we’re the lucky generation as we didn’t really need to help out in the kitchen because we probably grew up with helpers and all but truly, sometimes I wish my mom had encouraged me a little more in the kitchen.

I had a late head-start when it comes to cooking – only recently picking it up when we got our own place. Otherwise, I’d still be calling making toasts and beans “cooking”. Boy, don’t I have a lot of horror stories to share about my kitchen adventures! You can read about my cooking failures here, if you’re seeking some amusing reading materials…

After two years, I am glad to say that I am pretty confident in the kitchen now. While I still can’t slice an onion without staring down at the blade, I can now do it in half the time I needed two years ago :)

This post is about how I gained confidence in my kitchen. Hope this helps all of you girls out there!

First of all, read up on recipe books and cooking how-tos. I’ve amassed a pretty diverse range of cooking related book and I pore through them religiously.

From these books, I learnt what ingredients goes with what and plenty of cooking tips. When in doubt, refer to a book and you will never lose your nerves in the kitchen.

# – Read up!

Next, label everything! I admit, this might seem a little OCD to people but trust me, having labelled ingredients within easy reach makes being in the kitchen so much more enjoyable.

Why not? Unless you’re a pro, not everybody knows what every ingredient looks like. Having them labelled eliminates the risk of mistaken identities. I’ve heard enough of salty cookies and sweetened savoury dishes to attest to the importance of labelling.

# – Labels, labels, labels.

The next factor that will increase your confidence in the kitchen is getting the right tools. The right knives, the right pots and pans, the right graters…all these will affect your cooking experience.

Spend a little money on good quality stuff and you can be assured that whatever you’re cooking will turn out just the way you want them – polished and restaurant quality!

I’ve used enough cheap pans to know that the premium ones does the work a lot better & faster.

# – With my favourite pots and pans. In case you’re interested, am using Anolon Professional. They are also oven-safe, which is a very important feature for me :)

Another item that you must own in order to be confident in the kitchen – a digital weighing scale! I know there are many pretty, vintage inspired analog scales in the market now but nothing does the work better than my ugly, boxy, digital weighing scale.

Precision is important especially in baking and digital scales can give you that precise measurements. No more collapsed cakes!

# – Me and my trusty Tanita digital kitchen scale.

And now…..the secret that no avid cooks like to admit. Microwave! If used correctly, the microwave is an extremely powerful equipment in your kitchen that will guarantee to add on to your confidence in the kitchen.

Slightly undercooked chicken? Nuke it. Want to quickly melt some chocolates for the grand fondue? Nuke it. Rice cooker broke down? Cook it in the microwave. I have a couple of books on microwave cooking and once you’ve harnessed it…nobody can even tell that your dish has never seen real flame!

# – Nuke it.

Last but not least…start using the Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Skincare range to be more confident in the kitchen. Heck, it will improve your overrall confidence as an individual, not just in the kitchen :)

Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Skincare protects the skin from free radicals by detoxifying, neutralizing, energizing and brightening skin. The rich pomegranate extract with patented Greenol Oriental Herb complex drive one’s own skin regeneration mechanism to reverse the effects of aging!

By using the 3-Dimension Vector System, the active components are wrapped in nano-capsules that penetrate safely and deep down to the tenth layer of your skin.

Just because you can cook like a 60 year old does not mean you have to look like one :)

# – Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Skincare.

Remember the contest I organised for you readers to win Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Skincare sets a while ago?

# – The 3 Pure Beauty Pomegranate Antioxidant Skincare sets.

Thank you for participating…your answers were all incredible! I found it so difficult to choose because they’re all so good, but after a lot of mulling I have found my winners!!!

Congratulations May! You really took time to compose this, didn’t you? :)

Pure Confidence to me is,
To have the strength for constant determination
And the persistence to take action
While embracing one’s own imperfections
To be brave enough to face objections
And have a firm grip on one own’s convictions
To shine through and amaze all with admiration
With aspirations that inspire imagination
Pure Confidence is, simply put, life’s greatest companion.

Also, congratulations to Pamela! Truly words of wisdom :)

Pure Confidence is when you keep your head up and keep on marching on eventhough the world puts you down. Take on the world with a heart full of compassion and emphaty when the going gets tough. Keep on smiling and believe in your true potential which you will unleash to empower yourself and also the people around you. You will be the shining light that guides the world.

Lastly, congratulations to Tiffany! I totally agree with you that confidence makes one beautiful inside and out <3

Pure confidence is knowing that you have given your best shot in whatever you have done. Pure confidence gives you the strength and courage to stand strong in the face of criticism. Pure confidence makes you beautiful inside and out.

Watch out for emails that will have information on how you can collect your prizes! Thanks again for participating :)

# – The secret to pure confidence.

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Samsung WB150F Camera – big surprises in a little package

My latest toy is the Samsung WB150F.

# – Me and the Samsung WB150F.

Light, sleek and slim, it’s so easy to carry around when on the go and so easy on the eye when I flip it out to take pictures.

# – Easy on the eye. Besides white, it’s also available in hot pink and black for the understated folks.

Samsung WB150F is more than just a camera, it has 18x zoom, which means it is also a telephoto lense the size of my palm!

Taking pictures of faraway objects seemed such a breeze now with Samsung WB150F. The 18x zoom is truly impressive!

# – Full zoom and no zoom. Even fully zoomed out, the details of object are retained amazingly well.

I also like the fact that it can be charged via USB…something that’s sorely missing. No clunky charger to carry around…makes travelling a lot easier.

# – USB charging – love it!

My favourite feature of the camera is Mobile Link. With Mobile Link I could share photos instantly with my smartphone. Since using the camera, I find it a lot easier to share pictures. It’s so easy, all I need to do is to download MobileLink app from GooglePlay onto my phone, then wirelessly connect the camera to it.

# – Downloading the MobileLink app onto my phone.

Thanks to MobileLink, I could post nicer pictures on Twitter and Instagram because it’s from a proper camera teehehe.

# – Look ma, instant transfer from camera to smartphone!

There’s also an app called RemoteViewfinder on GooglePlay which turns my smartphone into a remote trigger for Samsung WB150F.

# – RemoteViewfinder.

It’s not just any remote trigger though, it has a live view so you can shoot with confidence – very nifty!

# – Kimception.

# – Check out the RemoteViewfinder interface.

There are a lot more cool features about the camera…particularly one that you could email pictures DIRECTLY from the camera! Check out my video below:

This is a really cool camera. It’s a camera that takes high quality 14 megapixels pictures, has astounding telephoto capabilities and WIFI capabilities – all in a package that fits right inside your hand.

# – Love it.

At RM649 it is a steal! Christmas is coming and no inkling what to get as presents? Well, now you have an idea ;)

For more information, go to

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Choose to LPS!

What if you can be rewarded for making a choice?

All you have to do is to LPS and you stand a chance of winning superb prizes.

# – Are you ready to LPS?

Why not? There’s nothing to lose.

Wait a second…LPS? Say again?

LPS stands for Like, Post and Share. Every week, a question and two opposing answers will be posted at Great Eastern’s Life-O-Meter and all you need to do is LPS your prefered answer and you stand to win amazing prizes!

# – Me and Celine at Life-O-Meter launch.

The Life-O-Meter is a Facebook app that generates a new meter every week. Each meter contains a thought provoking question from a range of topics that everyone can relate to. Think love, life philosophies, holidays, and of course, food!

For example :
The weekly question: How much do you love food?
Two opposing sides: “I live to eat” or “I eat to live”

The Life-O-Meter‟s needle will show you which side has the majority of votes.

# – LPS.

# – Like the side you prefer.

# – Post creatively why you like the particular side. Be very creative but still relevant and you might score high with Great Eastern’s panel of judges!

# – Then share your choice with the world!

That’s all…L P S. You stand winning the awesome prizes below.

# – Prizes for LPS.

KY, Joyce and I were invited to discuss about our choices in life at Life-O-Meter launch. I had fun giving my piece of mind regarding certain choices in life. My favourite question was of course whether I live to eat or eat to live.

Can you guess what’s my answer?

# – With Hansen Lee as the emcee…he’s so handsome T_T

So, which side are you on? LPS now at Life-O-Meter and stand to win weekly RM100 cash prizes, and even awesome monthly grand prizes chosen by YOU. In the month of December, you might win either a trip to Bali, or to Kota Kinabalu Park and Island Snorkeling.

LPS now.

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