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Watch the latest reality show: The Apartment – Style Edition

The 2nd season of The Apartment Show is back – bigger, better and bolder! Called The Apartment – Style Edition, this season will be all about style and glamour.

# – The Apartment – Style Edition.


Eight pairs of contestants from all over the world will compete to win a luxury, wait for it…………The Veo by Sime Darby Property in Kuala Lumpur!
Yes, you hear me right….a luxury apartment – #TheVeo, courtesy of Sime Darby Property.

# – The contestants.

The contestants will have to go through 10 weeks of grueling interior designing challenges and they only have a total of RM100,000 each for decorating budget. If they went off budget, they would be disqualified immediately.

Every week is elimination week as well, so every team really has to work hard at not being dropped.

The Apartment – Style Edition will be hosted by design icon Jamie Durie. He will also be mentoring the teams, being a winner of over 34 International Design Awards and a best selling author of 9 books.

Accompanying Jamie on the panel is head judge, the one and only Laurence Llewellyn Bowen. Known for his appearances on the BBC television program ‘Changing Rooms’, he is the Simon Cowell equivalent in the designing world. With Bowen, you can expect the participants to receive a lot of tough love!

# – Jamie Durie & Laurence Llewellyn Bowen

I wish I had found out about the auditions, I would have given it a go! Sigh :( Oh well, for now I’ll just have to be contented watching the show and learn a trick or two from it first.

Not all is lost for me though, I could still prove my interior design sense at Style Your Veo. Get creative and unleash your décor skills on your very own virtual space!

# – Style Your Veo.

Once logged in, you will be presented with a plain room and a sidebar that contains all the items to paint, furnish and decorate it.

# – Plain canvas.


I was wondering why there were so few items for decoration…but I realised that I could unlock cool items by answering questions about the weekly episodes of the show. Pretty cool concept!

# – I really didn’t mean the pink wall and the sofa T_T

Lucky I follow the show! I had managed to unlock several questions so now I’ve got some cool stuff and I can’t wait to unlock everything!

# – Phew..this looks better.

Are there prizes for doing up the best space? Of course! A 60″ LED TV, DULUX paint makeover, furniture vouchers from VIVA & HAUS, and other attractive prizes worth over RM25,000 await….

Log on to “Style Your Veo” app and vote for me too as the winner’s selection are: 20% rating, and 80% judges’ discretion. Check out my virtual Veo on “Showcase” tab and look for my name – KIMBERLY LOW and starts voting now!

Hurry tune in to Astro StarWorld Channel 711 at 9.30 P.M. every Thursday and unlock more weekly premium items!

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