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Are you on NuffnangX yet?

NuffnangX is the latest app to hit the iPhone and Google Play market! It’s a very nifty app for both bloggers and blog readers.

With NuffnangX, you can follow the blogs you like easily and read them on the go on your smartphone!

It’s not just about reading the blogs in a streamlined and easy on the eye format though, the best thing about NuffnangX is that you could interact with blog owners directly and instantly!

# – Read your favourite list of blogs.

You can also favourite the post for future reference…no more messy bookmarking.

# – Press on the Heart to like or favourite the posts.

Also, there’s always fabulous blog recommendations on NuffnangX to ensure that you won’t run out of entertaining blogs to read!

# – Awesome blog recommendations by NuffnangX. You can set the criteria of recommendation according to your preference or just let NuffnangX do the dirty work for you.

As a blogger, of course the favourite part is being able to interact with blog readers easily. Now besides web, you could do it on mobile so responses will be instantaneous.

# – Interactivity with blog readers is increased with NuffnangX.

Download it via Google Play or iTunes store or simply visit The best part is, Nuffnang X is free!

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