9 horrors. At least it’s an auspicious number.

Very early on, I made a point to not really be too anal about every single detail of our wedding because well, I want to stay sane.

Unfortunately, this deliberate ignorance to details has turned into a deliberate ignorance to planning.

As the date draws near, each time (which is everytime) someone asks me how’s the planning going and I realise that I have nothing to contribute to the conversation, it hit me that I am running freakin’ behind.

Horror #1 –

I have not even found a wedding dress. Less than 3 months to go and still no dress. My mom is worried sick but I reckon if I haven’t gone around looking I wouldn’t miss all the nice dresses I have never seen :)

Horror #2 –

I have not found a videographer that I like which is either within my budget or available. The nice ones cost an arm & leg while the slightly cheaper but still expensive type look like they edit all the videos with Microsoft Powerpoint – I don’t even know how that is possible. It’s REALLY SCARY!

Horror #3 –

We have not printed the wedding invitations. I think we’re just going to send out FB invites first and deal with the cards later.

Horror #4 –

Flowers? What flowers? Don’t think this is happening. I just can’t bring myself to spend on things that wilt and die in less than a day. Unless they stay potted, no flowers at the wedding :P

Horror #5 –

Haven’t lost a single miligram. Which is the reason why #1 is delayed. I’m starting to think I should just get married at my current body weight because lets not kid ourselves, I’m NEVER GOING TO LOSE WEIGHT T_T

Horror #6 –

Wedding theme? *Cue nervous laugh.

Horror 7 –

Bridal car. We are torn between a timeless classic Jag or a vulgar Hummer. LOL

Horror 8 –

Emcee. This one is FREAKING ME OUT. Obviously I’m looking for someone who is articulate & eloquent and charismatic and who doesn’t like the sound of his or her own voice too much. I also prefer someone a little witty and a little dirty (personality not personal hygiene). Where to find?

Horror 9 –

Being clueless. Yeap, that’s my horror number nine. I know there are loads more stuff that I must do but I can’t even list them out because I’m clueless. I wish my cluessless can be as cute as Alicia Silverstone in her heydays but mine is covered in zits and greasy hair. The other day I was chatting with LL, a married friend and she reminded me about bedsheets and marital lamps for the marital bedroom and I was like what???? I’m sure more things will occur to me at the last minute and I’m hoping for calmness and adaptability when they hit me like a tonne of bricks.

I also hope my mom won’t disown me at the end of this. I love you mom.

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13 thoughts on “9 horrors. At least it’s an auspicious number.”

  1. i won’t disown u..darling just be cool cuz since 8 months ago u be telling me “mon don’t worry, no need to plan so early,still got so many months to go ok.” so don’t worry darling still got 86 days more!!muahhh ♥♥♥

  2. Hi Kim, silent reader here (well not anymore, haha!). Nearly in the same boat as you, just that I’ve found my dress. Just get one that is not zippered up at the back, but laced up instead. You don’t have to bother about the weight then!

  3. Chocolatesuze used giant lollipop for her bouquet. Maybe you can consider something like that too. Some kind of pretty food item? Practical and very you. :D

  4. Horror #1 – Don’t worry you still have time to find your dress!

    Horror #2 – Yeah, nowadays it’s not easy to find a videographer who charges reasonably.

    Horror #3 – Still have time to print the cards, unless you are looking at extremely fancy designs but otherwise, still have time as long as you confirm the location, names, contacts, map of the dinner, etc..etc..

    Horror #4 – Yeah I feel that flowers are quite expensive, I have seen couples whom my wife plans their wedding for spending more than 20k for flowers alone…

    Horror #5 – Er…no idea :P

    Horror #6 – Always a tough one ;)

    Horror 7 – Get the Jag, nothing beats a Jaaaaagggggg. Especially not some two bit hummer.

    Horror 8 – From all the weddings I have shot and attended, usually the best emcees are the ones who knows the couple really well (usually a family member or a very very good friend). Time and time again, I have seen hired emcees and as witty as they tend to be, it isn’t as personal as that compared to someone who have known the couple for years.

    Horror 9 – Thats just the usual Chinese traditional stuff, some people follow it and some don’t. I didn’t even bothered with those stuff during my wedding.

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