hey it’s my birthday!

Exactly one year ago I was in Bangkok. Today I am in Bangkok again :)

This is one of my favourite cities and I can’t be any happier to celebrate my birthday here.

At first I thought I was only tagging along Gareth on his company retreat in Krabi. However, while having a casual chat with one of his colleagues, she innocently asked me about our trip to Bangkok.

I was like,”Eh no lah. Where got…we are heading home”. She looked confused.

Anyway, I told G about our conversation and then he confessed. He forgot to inform his colleagues not to mention BKK as he was too caught up with work lol.

# – Beautiful clouds while on the way to BKK.

But it’s okay, I am really happy :) I love you so much babyboobydoo. I love you more than myself.

# – G and I mucking about before checking into our favourite hotel, Shanghai Mansion.

To be honest, I am really excited about getting older. Yes I may not have the effortlessly flawless skin I had when I was a teenager anymore but I am continuously acquiring other things like empathy, humility,peace of mind and most importantly, love.

I am learning to love myself so I can effectively love my friends and family back. Love is not just sharing or gifting of wealth/material, but sharing good, caring, kind, genuinely positive energies in form of words and thoughts and and actions. And sharing of time too, something I seriously need to improve on (sorry mum).

I have learnt to let go of negative influences (people, gossips, complaints, etc) whenever possible and wow, it is absolutely therapeutic.

I am so glad at this point in life I have finally discovered this way of living. I wish I had discovered this earlier so I would have more practice but hey, better late than never. It’s never too late to accept something good in your life anyway.

# – Checked in to our beautiful room. Unrelated…just want you to see the bed. Love it!

Thanks for all the nice wishes and I hope you are as excited about growing up as I am too :D

13 thoughts on “hey it’s my birthday!”

  1. Been checking your blog almost everyday. Didn’t know twas your bday yesterday.

    Maligayang Bati sa iyong kaarawan. That’s Filipino for Happy Birthday to you. :)

    Hope you’re having a great day.

    God bless.

    -Nova, reader from the Philippines :)

  2. Hi!Happy belated birthday, ST still has romance in him. It feels like it was not that long ago when I read your last birthday post. I noticed that ST always look neatly dressed in photos, definitely doesn’t dress like a slob :) I am guessing you’ve got a role to play in his dress sense, where do you/him find clothes his size in Malaysia? My partner is of European descent & is as tall & broad as ST, I’ve looked around but I can’t seem to find casual clothes in his size here, even good fitting underwear is hard to come by here. Hope to hear from you!

    1. heh he buys a lot of t-shirts online…it’s almost impossible for him to find anything that fits in Malaysia to be honest. for shirts, try Nautica (wonderful fabric and good cut/fit). as for underwear try M&S or Debenhams. shoes/slippers…rockport. good luck!

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