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Avoid overpaying for stuff. Shop online with vPOST.

Yeah, how many times have we all cursed over the retail prices of imported products here in Malaysia?

Electrical appliances, clothes, accessories, beauty products….they all cost between 2-3 times their original prices when purchased here!

Personally, I do feel cheated by what’s happening in the shopping scenes here.

So much so the hubs & I had made drastic steps like driving into Singapore and Thailand just so we could buy electrical appliances, clothes, accessories & imported food there for a lot cheaper than Malaysia.

# – My prized food processor which we brought back all the way from Singapore.

Some of you may think that the petrol and accommodation would add up to expensive retail price anyway, but I like to think that we spent that amount on both holiday and shopping rather than for just one uninspiring & overpriced shopping experience at a local store.

Yeap, I do keep telling myself that.

Another way was getting my momsy-in-law to haul stuff we bought via Amazon.com back from the UK everytime she visited us, sacrificing her own luggage allowance. It’s so inconvenient for her though but we did save A LOT :(

# – Stuff that we bought from Amazon which my mom-in-law carried to Malaysia all the way from UK.

Only recently I discovered that you don’t have to jump through hoops and leap across fire to enjoy shopping for products without overpaying for them.

Consider these scenarios – can’t seem to find the product that you want in retail stores? When you find it in an online store, it doesn’t ship internationally? Or if it does, the shipping charges ends up more expensive than the product itself?

The solution is: vPOST.

Gawd, I wish I have discovered vPOST so much earlier! I would have saved so much money and time.

# – vPOST.

First, sign up with vPOST and you get personalised vPOST addresses in USA, Japan & Europe assigned to you.

When you purchase your stuff online from websites such as Amazon.com, Bluefly, La Senza and many more, just enter your personalised vPOST address as the delivery address and select the domestic delivery options available (sometimes, domestic shipping is free) and your shopping loot will be delivered to that vPOST address.

# – A beautiful dress I bought from an online store recently. It would have been twice as expensive if I had bought it in a brick & mortar shop.

Next, vPOST will deliver the items from overseas back to your actual address with reasonable shipping charges! That means, you don’t have to pay exorbitant shipping rates charged & decided by the online retailer anymore!

The beauty of it all…Item price + domestic delivery charge (which is sometimes free) + vPOST shipping charge = MUCH CHEAPER THAN ANYWHERE ELSE UNLESS YOU LIVE NEAR THE FACTORY.

I am eyeing this Clarisonic Set from Drugstore.com in pink colour! Have seen beauty bloggers rave about it and I’ve been dying to get one but it’s retailing for over RM800 here when Amazon is only selling it for USD225!

# – Pink Clarisonic Set!

It is still cheaper with vPOST shipping charges included.

That’s not all, new members get to enjoy 40% off first shipment until 31 August 2012. You hear it first from here! Just enter this promo code when you sign up “126Y3QK”. Promotion ends 31 Aug 2012.

Sign up now folks!


3 Responses to Avoid overpaying for stuff. Shop online with vPOST.

  1. Irene July 2, 2012 at 11:31 am #

    Beware that with Vpost,, u get screwed by retailers who would pack in huge boxes. Resulting in volumetric weight shipping coming into play!

    • Kimberlycun July 2, 2012 at 12:45 pm #

      which retailer is this? r they officially associated with vPost?

  2. Irene July 2, 2012 at 3:35 pm #

    Amazon! I’ve been using VPost for many years. they hv a good corp local UPS rate and pays for free ground shipping, they just put your stuff into any large boxes that can fit. In this case, we will never know or can estimate Vpost shipping cost. It’s like a lucky dip how much Vpost will eat up your savings. I’ve been using Vpost for years but nowaday I tend to ask retailer to ship direct.

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