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2 Days with the Volkswagen Polo Sedan

I had the Volkswagen Polo Sedan for two days and already it has made its way onto my “list of cars to consider when it’s time to replace my current ride”. There are many things I like about the car.

# – The Volkswagen Polo Sedan.

While the looks are not as sporty as I prefer my car to be (I guess you can say I am a sports wagon or hatchback kinda gal), the driving experience of the Volkswagen Polo Sedan more than made up for it. Anyway, looks are subjective, aren’t they?

As a woman, I think the Polo Sedan is a pretty good car for females. It’s almost as though it was designed by a woman! Perhaps it was? I don’t know.

For instance, it passed my mirror test with flying colours which means it has a mirror on both two visors, hehe. This is not a silly test because many cars stinge on the mirrors and you have no idea how much it pisses me off when I need to check my face and there’s no mirror!

# – Mirrors on both visors. #WIN

I also really like the clear display of the dashboard. I like that the information displayed is fuss-free. Also, the illumination is adjustable for every light condition.

# – The fuss-free and clear dashboard.

Another thing about the Polo Sedan is the volume buttons and hands free features on the steering wheel. I really dislike reaching out away from my steering wheel to do anything…especially something as mundane as adjusting the volume of the radio. So this is a major like for me.

# – Volume and hands free buttons on the steering wheel.

Something as basic and simple as opening the car bonnet is done really well too. With the lever made ergonomically and comfortable for a lady’s hand (as well as a dude’s). No more breaking nails!

# – The lever to pop the bonnet.

# – The lever to open the bonnet is covered in comfortable plastic…not hot metal!

What about the driving? Okay, for someone that’s used to driving a small hatchback, I was a little concerned about handling a sedan. My fears were unfounded though, as I found the Polo Sedan extremely agile & nimble for its size.

This car is so spacious but yet its turning radius is like a tiny car. I know because I own a tiny car! The Polo Sedan made a tight U-Turn in one swift maneuver. No awkward 3-point turns that pissed people off.

# – Gareth also can fit!

# – The boot fits a full size check-in luggage and a 47 litre cooler box. I reckon it would fit 6 people of my size not that anyone need to know that.

Despite the size of the car, the 1.6 litre engine didn’t seem to struggle one bit during overtaking maneuvers. It can reach 100kmh in 12.3 secondsand has a top speed of 183 kmh – not mind blowing but the upside is fuel efficiency. I had a very pleasant time taking it around the city!

# – 1.6 litre engine that pushes out 105 PS and 153 Nm of torque, according to the brochure. Translation: Got decent powers.

It also has a sports mode thanks to the 6-speed Tiptronic automatic gearbox for fun times!

# – Switching to sports mode when needed.

# – Lovely for city driving

Being somewhat of an auntie, of course I must talk about the cup space. It has plenty of cup space for the thirsty driver and her passengers.

# – Two near the gear knob and more behind the handbrake and doors.

And of course it has plenty of airbags for a safe driving experience. 4 airbags in fact, for driver as well as front & back passengers. It is also equipped with ABS as standard.

# – Airbags just in case.

Lastly, a feature uncommon in other cars. You can listen to the radio even with the key out of the ignition!

# – See I’m not joking. Music blaring while the key was in my hand.

All in all, I think this is a really nice starter continental car, especially for women. The interior is nice and not the least cheap looking with accents of leather running throughout, it’s easy to drive especially in the city and it’s so spacious you can pack an elephant in it and then more.

The price is just a little under RM100k on the road minus road tax, number plate, registration fees and insurance – a really good price for what it is. Not to forget the very attractive 5 year warranty from Volkswagen. I might have just become a sedan convert.

So, if you’re looking for a new car….do check out the Volkswagen Polo Sedan.

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hey it’s my birthday!

Exactly one year ago I was in Bangkok. Today I am in Bangkok again :)

This is one of my favourite cities and I can’t be any happier to celebrate my birthday here.

At first I thought I was only tagging along Gareth on his company retreat in Krabi. However, while having a casual chat with one of his colleagues, she innocently asked me about our trip to Bangkok.

I was like,”Eh no lah. Where got…we are heading home”. She looked confused.

Anyway, I told G about our conversation and then he confessed. He forgot to inform his colleagues not to mention BKK as he was too caught up with work lol.

# – Beautiful clouds while on the way to BKK.

But it’s okay, I am really happy :) I love you so much babyboobydoo. I love you more than myself.

# – G and I mucking about before checking into our favourite hotel, Shanghai Mansion.

To be honest, I am really excited about getting older. Yes I may not have the effortlessly flawless skin I had when I was a teenager anymore but I am continuously acquiring other things like empathy, humility,peace of mind and most importantly, love.

I am learning to love myself so I can effectively love my friends and family back. Love is not just sharing or gifting of wealth/material, but sharing good, caring, kind, genuinely positive energies in form of words and thoughts and and actions. And sharing of time too, something I seriously need to improve on (sorry mum).

I have learnt to let go of negative influences (people, gossips, complaints, etc) whenever possible and wow, it is absolutely therapeutic.

I am so glad at this point in life I have finally discovered this way of living. I wish I had discovered this earlier so I would have more practice but hey, better late than never. It’s never too late to accept something good in your life anyway.

# – Checked in to our beautiful room. Unrelated…just want you to see the bed. Love it!

Thanks for all the nice wishes and I hope you are as excited about growing up as I am too :D

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Win a Sony Alpha NEX F3 – Be The Ultimate F3 Photographer!

The Sony Alpha NEX F3 is one of the best cameras I have ever used and now you stand a chance to win one for yourself! Go take part in The Ultimate F3 Photographer contest.

All you need to do are the following:

1. Go to any of these participating outlets on a Saturday or Sunday during operation hours before 29 July 2012.

# – The list of participating outlets.

# – I went to the one at The Curve.

2. Take a photo of yourself or with your companions using the Sony Alpha NEX F3.

# – Like this.

Remember to pose according to these themes – Most Photogenic, Most Stylish or Most Creative!

3. Upload the picture with the assistance of a Sony Alpha NEX promoter.

# – They are a very friendly bunch!

# – Check out your own pictures or the pictures that people have uploaded.

4. Wait for a bit and if you have won one of the following titles; , you will be notified via email :)

# – 3 Sony Alpha NEX F3 to be won.

Easy right!? So, when you’re hanging out in shopping malls over the weekends, don’t forget to drop by at a Sony outlet and grab the opportunity to win a Sony Alpha NEX F3.

# – Have fun camhoring and possibly winning a Sony Alpha NEX F3!

Give your best shot!

For more details on the contest, click here!

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