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Are you sure your teeth are okay?

Some people don’t really visit the dentist until something starts hurting. I WAS one of those people.

I thought being a floss fiend (I floss after every meal) and brushing twice a day could prevent dental problems but I discovered the truth the hard way.

Last year, a tooth at the back of my mouth literally broke into half. It was one of the most agonising things I had ever experienced. I couldn’t chew or bite down without feeling like my jaw was being electrocuted.

The treatment was almost as unpleasant as the pain. My dentist gave me a root canal that involved me having my mouth opened for about 3.5 hours as it was a tricky tooth with roots that were almost touching my jaw bone so she had to be very, very careful.

If I had visited a dentist regularly, I would have known much earlier that the tooth was decaying and I could have prevented it from deteriorating to the point of breaking :P

After that experience, I swore never to miss another dentist appointment. Never ever EVER!

Recently, I made my latest pilgrimage to the dentist. My teeth felt and looked fine but I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry.

# – Waiting for my turn at the dentist.

# – My dentist and I.

As expected, doc told me I had some minor decaying in 3 different places and they all needed filling. Not the most pleasant thing in the world but trust me, it’s better than having your teeth disintegrating.

# – Open wide…..

My dentist told me despite decent dental hygiene, my teeth are still prone to decay due to several reasons; genetics, positioning of teeth and method of brushing.

While I can’t do anything less than drastic with the first two factors, I could learn to brush my teeth properly.

# – Brush better.

The kind of toothbrush and bristle also play some factors. There is a misconception that toothbrushes with hard bristle are the best, but they really don’t clean any better than soft bristle.

In fact, hard bristle can wear down your enamel as well as gums, leading to teeth sensitivity and more exposed gums :P

Colgate has recently come out with a new range of toothbrush called Colgate SlimSoft with super slim bristles.

# – The new Colgate SlimSoft.

Each bristle is only 0.01mm wide, making it not only gentle on your precious teeth but also very effective in getting rid of impurities cause it reaches everywhere.

# – The bristles are tapered and so thin you could hardly make out the detail.

I’m quite excited to try out this new toothbrush; hopefully I can delay or event prevent teeth decay when combined with the correct way of brushing teeth.

# – Correct way of brushing your teeth.

# – It comes in two sizes; the compact head (soft bristle) and ultra compact head (extra soft bristle).

So, when was the last time you saw a dentist? Really, please don’t procrastinate when it comes to your teeth. Teeth may be the hardest substance on your body but without the right care and attention they can expire pretty quickly!

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