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Living green with KEN Holdings Bhd.

One of my favourite shows in the world is Grand Design UK. It features the journey and experience of people designing and building their homes.

The thing I notice about the show’s newer episodes is that people are building their homes to be green, eco-friendly & zero carbon. Some of these homes are so green that they make money back for their owners in the form of “carbon credits” trading!

When I first heard of the concept carbon credit trading, I was indeed baffled. Energy company paying you money back for energy you never used? WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?

It’s very inspiring to see that people are not just building homes that are beautiful but also practical and environmentally friendly. I often thought how wonderful it would be if developers in Malaysia were building with the environment in mind.

To my pleasant surprise, such developers do exist! The pioneer of green property developing in Malaysia is none other than KEN Holdings Bhd. If the name sounds familiar to you, yes they are the developers of the very desirable homes such as KEN BANGSAR, the KEN DAMANSARA TRILOGY & KEN RIMBA.

I was lucky to be invited to a tour of KEN BANGSAR and I got to see for myself just how environmentally friendly it is.

KEN BANGSAR was awarded the BCA Green Mark GoldPLUS Award in July 2009 by the Building and Construction Authority (BCA) of Singapore, making it the first and highest rated green building in the country.

For those in the dark, BCA Green Mark is recognised as the most prestigious standard for energy efficient and sustainable developments in the Asia Pacific region.

On top of the BCA Green Mark award, KEN BANGSAR also won the FIABCI Malaysia Property award 2011 for the category of Sustainable Development.

According to Mr. Sam Tan, the Executive Director of KEN Holdings Bhd. who was personally taking us on the building tour, the process of building KEN BANGSAR was a meticulous, calculated process from the very beginning to ensure the tiniest amount of wastage involved.

For instance, all the leftover tiles from the building’s construction were incorporated into the design of KEN BANGSAR’s beautiful lobby. Even the leftover door veneers (which by the way are made of real wood) were not discarded and have now become a feature wall that is the very first thing to greet people who walk into KEN BANGSAR.

# – The beautiful feature wall, made of leftover door veneers.

The building was also built with hallways that act like wind tunnels to trap cooling breeze which relegates the use of air-conditioning to a minimum! We were told the entire building’s cost of electricity is only around RM2000 a month!

# – Check out Mira and Yuen Yee’s hair being lifted by the nice cooling breeze.

KEN BANGSAR is made almost entirely out of floor to ceiling windows, pulling in so much natural light you do not need to switch on any light in the day.

# – The gym with floor to ceiling windows.

Needless to say, the design of all the residential units was just beautiful. How do I put it? It’s contemporary without being over-designed. Even the look of default storage doors blends so seamlessly into the design there’s no need to hide them.

# – Space that makes sense with wide balconies. And floor to ceiling windows <3

Nothing prepared me for the penthouses though. There are 4 penthouse in KEN BANGSAR. Each is made up of 3-storeys of pure gorgeousness.

# – Main living room of one of the penthouses. Breathtaking!

# – Each penthouse comes with a private pool and outdoor lounging area overlooking the Bangsar landscape.

While acquiring a penthouse in KEN BANGSAR may not materialise so soon in the future (but yes it will materialise!!!!), I’ve got my eyes on KEN RIMBA in Shah Alam, Malaysia’s First Green Township.

# – KEN RIMBA – Malaysia’s first Green Township.

The development consists of apartment, condominium, terrace houses as well as commercial shoplots and received another two more BCA GREEN MARK Awards from the Government of Singapore.

With this development, KEN Holdings Bhd. has proven that green living does not have to be confined to only luxury properties but can also be incorporated in the design for the more staple housing market.

# – One of the houses in KEN RIMBA.

In KEN RIMBA, you and I and many people are capable of living proudly in beautiful houses that are also friendly to the environment.

All houses have the north-south orientation with attractive adjustable louvred windows so that natural north-south wind & air flow can be maximised.

There are rain water harvesting tanks for gardening and car wash which will reduce water wastage drastically.

Needless to say, they are also transparent roof tiles and large glass doors as well as windows to allow maximum natural sunlight.

Well, I personally think that KEN RIMBA would be just the loveliest place to call home :)

# – Love the mixture of modern and classic furniture.

# – I approve of the kitchen.

For instance, Legian Residences, a guarded community of 328 terraced houses in KEN RIMBA is priced from RM548,000 onwards which is really quite affordable considering the current property prices.

They are also launching a new phase of 168 houses called JIMBARAN Residences. If you’re interested, please contact the sales team at 03-77279933 or 03-55119233.

Do also check out KEN Holdings’ Website at https://www.kenholdings.com.my and Facebook page at www.facebook.com/KEN.Greenbook or follow https://twitter.com/SamCS10 for their latest updates.

# – I could get used to living like this.

Perhaps it’s time for a second property :D

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