Watch out, I might be a narcissistic, psychopatic, Machiavellian mind-reader.

I was reading this article called “Are Narcissists Better at Reading Minds?“. One of the most famous narcissists in the world, Tucker Max took the “Reading the Mind in the Eyes Test” and scored 33 out of 36, which is extremely high.

I took the test and scored 31. FML. Despite my blog name, I honestly didn’t think I was a text-book narcissist but now I’m not so sure.

# – Mind reading?

I have to admit, it’s a little silly to relate mind-reading to narcissism directly, but the other possible explanations for high score in mind reading capabilities are either psychopathy or Machiavellianism. So, am still screwed!

Can you guys take the mind reading test and tell me how much you score? Maybe 31 is not really that high lah and I’m just freaking myself out.

41 thoughts on “Watch out, I might be a narcissistic, psychopatic, Machiavellian mind-reader.”

  1. I scored 32, and had two 50/50 questions (as in wanted to pick the correct answer but ended up with a wrong one) WTF I’m that narcissistic? :O

  2. hmm..i got 31..could have been higher but at one point i kept getting them all right that i thought the test was rigged so purposely chose the wrong answers a few times!! i hope this doesn’t mean i’m a psychopath!

  3. b/cos I like you, I did this very long test.. I got.. 22!

    apparently that meant: Im not even above average.. hahahahahhahahahaha

    after a while, I started wondering why one eye was focused to the side, and one looked straight at you.. after that, it annoyed me LOL

    1. i’m curious, is it really true? i tried to read online about narcissism but i cant see all those in me =/
      isn’t it more to how well you guess ppl’s emotion? eye is the window to the soul lol…

  4. Scored 34. Think the test tells us more how perceptive we are to others rather than being good at reading minds, which I absolutely cannot do. Was kinda surprised my score was that high as I’m always told I’m completely oblivious to others and quite blur. Hahaha…

    1. Unless maybe the test works in that the higher the score, the bigger the ego gets cos my ego went thru the roof when my score came out…and that is narcissism isn’t it? ;)

  5. this test is too easy. it’s quite obvious what the answers are based on the options. it would be extremely difficult if it weren’t multiple choice, but it becomes ridiculously easy because the other 3 choices tend to be completely off. so you’re probably not whatever you think you are.

  6. Hi, I got 30. Once I realized some of the shots looked like they were from ads, it got much easier, knowing that ads want positive messages. =D

  7. I scored a 27 and I got an 88 on the covert narcissism test (23 question test). It was a relief that I scored average on the social IQ test.

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