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Durex Love Box – Our ticket to Krabi!

Having been engaged to a wonderful man recently, I have turned into a full blown bridezilla.

# – Nobody looks good from this angle but geezus this is the only picture of the proposal so I am forced to post this up for illustration purposes.

(If you’re still in the dark, feel free to read about the proposal here)

Anyway, eversince he’s put a ring on it, I get panic attacks & visions of Gareth waking up late, unshaven & unwashed on our wedding day once every….ohhh not much, just 15 minutes.

My skin is breaking out, I’m eating way too much for a bride-to-be and I have resorted to screaming because nobody seems to hear me! And while I was just about to gouge my own eyes out after looking through yet another feel-good wedding magazine, someone asked me, good natured-ly of course, where would my honeymoon destination be.


Enough. I’m not going to think about it. I’m just not going to, because darlings, I’m going to win that honeymoon. Yeap, someone’s going to hand me a 4 day 3 night trip to Krabi worth 10gs to me on a silver effin platter BECAUSE I AIN’T PLANNING ANYTHING!!!!

1. First, like the Durex Malaysia facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DurexMalaysia.

2. Then, click LOVE BOX: POST & POSE on the left sidebar and click “FILL IT UP NOW”. Fill up the gallery with picture of you & your partner okay, don’t think senget.

By the way, the Durex Love Box is a collection of discrete condom boxes each with its own fun design. With 8 unique designs ranging from shagadelic psychedelic to sophisticated, each Durex Love Box contains 3 Durex Fetherlite condoms. No need to be shy or awkward when buying condoms hehe. They are sold exclusively in Watsons from 1st February 2012 onwards.

3. After that, click the STRIKE A POSE tab, fill in some contact details and then select favourite design of Durex Love Box.

4. Next, upload best lovey dovey picture or use webcam to take picture instantly (this one must convince Gareth with special reward).

5. Then click submit and tadaaaa…

6. Repeat from step 1 onwards.

7. Another one for the slightly different audience.

Easy peasy, and no proof of purchase required :)


Got other prizes also:

• 1st Prize: 3D2N Couple Trip to Pangkor Laut Resort worth RM 4,000 x 3
• Dining Voucher at Cilantro Restaurant and Wine Bar Worth RM 400 x 10
• Durex Hamper and merchandise worth RM 50 x 20

Contest runs from 16th January 2012 to 29th February 2012 and the top 50 most voted couples will be shortlisted and then a Panel of Judges will select the winners.

Wouldn’t mind winning either of the prizes also, especially the last so when relatives or friends ask me about baby plans I can say, “Not yet la…I have a massive Durex hamper I need to finish up” /BIGSMILE.


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