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Resolutions for 2012.

3 more days to a brand new year. Wow!! Last year I posted a list of my 2011 resolutions.

Looking through my list, I think I did pretty well! 7 out of 13 resolutions accomplished. Most of the big ticket items were struck out, so it’s not too bad. *pats self on the shoulder*

  • Get a diving license (so I can quit snorkelling and do the real thing with mah peeps).
  • DONE! Best thing I’ve ever done for myself. Love being underwater! Love being at the beach!

  • Pimp up my ride (change the body kit, put in a sweet stereo system, install anti-roll bar, noise-proofing, maybeeee repaint :D).
  • Drive to Thailand.
  • Dive in Thailand.
  • DONE! Koh Lipe ftw :D

  • Dive in Philippines.
  • Dye my hair (the last time I did it was 10 years ago out of rebellion, this time I’d be doing it to obscure my bald patch. FML).
  • DONE! 3 times in fact. Cut it short summore…so brave!

  • Get proper singing lessons (because I don’t want to waste these great genes, ahem).
  • Get proper sewing lessons (so I can sew in a straight line).
  • Refurbish at least one furniture (my contribution the the environment and my ego).
  • DONE! Painted a table silver and along the way painted my porch as well which led to G being angsty at me for a few days. I had to get on my knees to scrub paint off for a few hours before he would stop throwing me dirty looks :(

  • Throw out all my current shoes and replace them with new ones (to be honest, I’d probably do this before the year ends :P).
  • DONE! Got some old favourites which I have kept because they still look mint. Got money also cannot waste like that right?

  • Run everyday (so Charlie can run instead of walk alongside me, so my heart can be strong & healthy despite the truck load of pork I’ll be consuming and finally, so money on that treadmill won’t be burnt :P)
  • I almost forgot shopping for new clothes, FML.
  • DONE! Not as much as I like but good enough :D

  • And lastly, bake a fucking bundt cake!!!!
  • DONE! Baked more than just a bundt cake, I made LOADS of food!

So for the year 2012…

1. I vow to strike out all the unfulfilled resolutions in 2011 above (all 6 of them).
2. I vow to get my eyesight fixed with Lasik.
3. I vow to make a crockenbouche.
4. I vow to take care of my hair a little better than I normally do.
5. I vow to travel more.
6. I vow to print and hang pictures on our currently empty walls.
7. I vow to read at least one book a month.
8. I vow to be positive and optimistic.
9. I vow to be forgiving and patient.
10. I vow to be grateful and thankful for everything, no matter how trivial.
11. Dig a hole in my backyard so when the world ends, I can hide in it.

Kidding about the last one.

Only 16 resolutions altogether. Game on! Have a happy new year peeps!

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