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TLC Promise Me Season 2 Recognition Ceremony.

The Truly Loving Company (TLC) threw a recognition ceremony for all the companies for participants involved in the TLC Promise Me Season 2 Campaign. There was a total of 12 Golden Wishes and ALL of them were successfully granted by all the participating corporations.

# – 12 Golden Wishes.

Like the previous recognition ceremony, it was a low-key but nice & heart-warming ceremony :)

# – Many people attended the ceremony.

Each corporation received a plaque and a certificate to commemorate their effort in fulfilling the 12 Golden Wishes, including Nuffnang for raising a significant amount of funds for Rumah Aman.

# – Anne and Rachel received the plaque & cert on behalf of Nuffnang.

What are the 12 Golden Wishes? Watch this video to find out:

My favourite wish that was fulfilled was the one by Selangor Cheshire Home, a centre that focuses on empowering youths with learning disabilities through specialised skills training so that they could gain employment and most importantly, independent living.

They hoped to furnish the live-in facilities in their new building and Fella Design successfully fulfilled Selangor Cheshire Home’s wish by working with their vendors and staff members. All the rooms were tastefully and comfortably furnished, yay! By the way you can read more about the process of furnishing the rooms here.

At the ceremony, I was also invited to talk about my experience distributing food to the homeless. Was a nervous wreck but was glad to be able to chip in my 2 cents. Thanks for the opportunity, TLC!

# – That’s me jabbering.

I am honoured to be part of the TLC Promise Me Season 2 campaign. My involvement this time made me realised that no matter how small a contribution is, someone, somewhere is living life a little better because of it.

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