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Joanne De Silva – Better, Undoubtedly.

Joanne De Silva had been troubled by her fear of driving for years. She holds a driving license, but was unable to bring herself to maneuver a car confidently. She only drove in small towns and late at night, when few cars were around. Her fear was compounded by a car accident last year, in which she witnessed her family members being hurt as well as the car totally written off. Her fear of driving was so incapacitating that she’s unable to travel to visit her parents in Penang :(

Thanks to Proton Persona’s outreach programme, “Persona – Better, Undoubtedly”, De Silva was placed under the mentor-ship of DJ Jack Lim, one of the programme’s 3 ambassadors.

# – The three Persona Ambassadors in “Persona – Better, Undoubtedly” – DJ Jack Lim, DJ Lin and Aanantha.

From various discussions with Joanne, DJ Jack Lim realised that she was creating her fear of driving from within and it was caused by illogical & negative interpretation of driving.

# – Watch the video of Joanne’s story on how she developed her fear of driving.

Said DJ Jack Lim, “If your mind is infused with positive energy, you can overcome fear. To everyone out there, who has gone through the same experience as Joanne, don’t give up. Even though things may appear bleak sometimes, never lose your confidence, seek support from family or friends, get professional help, and do join a defensive driving course to give you back the confidence to be on the road”.

For 3 months, along with encouragement and support from DJ Jack Lim, Joanne was also undergoing counselling and therapy session with well-known psychologist, Ms Low Mi Yen to overcome and manage her post-accident trauma. She was taught valuable lessons on how to handle and address her anxiety attacks. She was also taught how to identify symptoms of her condition so that so could be better prepared to take it before it became a full blown attack.

On top of that, Joanne was also enrolled in a ‘Fearless Driving’ programme by Ivan Khong, a seasoned consultant and trainer on driving to build back her confidence in driving. I am so glad that Joanne was coached by Ivan because I personally participated in a defensive driving course led by him – and he is TRULY AMAZING! A M A Z I N G!!!!

# – Ivan Khong giving Joanne some pointers.

Having a safe car with solid build such as Proton Persona gave Joanne the confidence to go back behind the wheels during the training. Taught with all the safety measures one needs to know when driving as well as the stability and easy handling of the Persona gave her the confidence to overcome her fear in driving.

# – Joanne maneuvering Proton Persona on the training circuit under the watchful eyes of Ivan Khong.

Today Joanne is confident and comfortable with driving. Gone is the crippling fear that affected her life. She’s transformed so positively that she recently drove to Penang Island from Kuala Lumpur to visit her proud parents!

# – Joanne has done it! She has conquered her fear of driving.

Joanne overcome her fear of driving and has become better, undoubtedly. What about you?

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