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Apple Cheng Jia – Better, Undoubtedly.

Remember my post about Proton Persona’s outreach programme, “Persona – Better, Undoubtedly”?

# – The three Persona Ambassadors in “Persona – Better, Undoubtedly” – DJ Jack Lim, DJ Lin and Aanantha.

The programme was very well-received and among those that have benefited from it is local girl, Apple Cheng Jia. A naturally shy girl, she is one of the lucky few to have been mentored by DJ Jack Lim, one of the three Persona Ambassadors in “Persona – Better, Undoubtedly”.

# – Apple Cheng Jia – shy, introverted but has dreams of becoming an actress.

Apple has always harboured dreams of becoming an actress but lacked self confidence. She lacked knowledge of the acting industry and found it difficult to make an impression during auditions. But that’s history now as DJ Jack Lim has managed to transform a shy, shrinking violet into a confident and upcoming young actress.

# – DJ Jack Lim sharing invaluable knowledge with Apple Cheng Jia.

Under DJ Jack Lim’s tutelage, Apple was exposed to useful tips and acting pointers. With a rather similar background himself, DJ Jack Lim was able to guide Apple with ease. He threw challenge after challenge at Apple to build up her confidence; one of which required her to block up 3 empty parking spaces.

# – Apple trying to complete her assignment, which is to deter people from parking at where she’s standing!

Basically, she had to deal with complete strangers who wanted to park at the spaces! Here’s the video of the challenge and please do watch it because it got really hilarious at one point :D

Well, you and I know that it’s not the easiest thing in the world to try to “chup” one parking space for friend or family, let alone THREE!!! My hats off to Apple!

“Building confidence and having the ‘don’t give up’ attitude is crucial to be successful in show business. It took me 18 years before I became a successful radio host and actor, and it wasn’t an easy ride. Determination and ‘never give up’ attitude allowed me to overcome my initial fail attempts to achieve my dreams”, shared DJ Jack Lim.

# – Be confident and don’t give up.

Thanks to DJ Jack Lim’s mentoring, I’m happy to say that Apple has landed a supporting role in the movie, “Ah Beng: 3 Wishes”, which will be in the cinemas in January 2012. Be sure to look out for Apple in it!

# – Watch out for this face in the cinemas near you :)

“To everyone out there, if you have a personal dream that you want to achieve, go for it! Don’t let anyone or anything deter you from it. Have a dream, do a game plan to achieve it, work towards it, be confident and don’t give up if you fail numerous times.” – DJ Jack Lim.

The Persona overcome initial public skepticism to become one of the most sought after vehicles today. And it is its very own background that inspired Proton Persona to create the meaningful “Persona – Better, Undoubtedly” outreach programme.

Apple is on the right path, how about you?

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