Drill it.

For the longest time, the aluminium curtain tracks in our home bugged the shit out of me.

# – Fugly aluminium curtain tracks.

I couldn’t hide them because I didn’t have curtain hooks, hence I couldn’t tie the curtain back and hence I couldn’t attach the top of the curtains together to hide the damn track.

I’m not entirely sure if you’d get what I’m talking about but anyway…the gist is: I had to install curtain hooks which involved drilling walls using a power drill so I could tie back my curtains.

For some reason, I had decided that I was unable to use one. A power drill that is. That I would rip my walls apart and then drill through my own hand; one of the dozens of tragic scenarios I’ve had managed to conceive.

# – Gory.

One afternoon, while the BF was at the pub watching rugby, I ate 5 tablespoons of pure peanut butter. Heap, not level.

I guess you can call it sugar high or more accurately, The Moment of Madness, I skipped into our storage room and skipped out with the Bosch Power Drill. Then I proceeded to read through the manual. I also watched a few youtube videos, just in case.

I was like, fuck it….if the walls ripped apart I could plaster it back and if I drilled through my hand I could stitch it up. Yeap, sugar makes me crazy.

So I started drilling and miraculously, the drill did not slide off the intended path. I also did not rip the wall apart and I also did not injure myself. Instead, I made a clean, deep hole. WOW.

I proceeded to screw a curtain hook in with my two hands and a screwdriwer. All those eggs in slow carb diet have made me STRONG.

# – My first hook in a hole.

Then I started making more holes, and installed more curtain hooks. One screw did break in the middle while I was screwing it in (told you I’m strong) but I didn’t panic. I just put in a shorter screw…

And then I attached the top of the curtains together, tie the hanging fabric back and voila…

# – No more annoying aluminium track offending my eyes.

And hence the conclusion of my story about drilling my very first hole in wall. Thanks for reading.

14 thoughts on “Drill it.”

  1. Good work Kim! :)

    You know, I thought you needed to insert this plastic thingamajig into the hole you drill before you can mount or screw stuff inside.

    …at least that was the SOP when I used to work in Kuching. I only did it a couple of times though, when we were spread thin, coz we drill into metal (towers and power substations) for surveillance systems and we didn’t have enough eye protection to go around.

  2. OHAI! it’s the random girl who said hello to you and gareth at the big bad wolf book sale. sorry if i shocked the pair of you and if i seemed super dazed and disconnected. i was pretty much on auto-pilot mode and wasn’t sure if i was like, dreaming or something HAHA. at any rate, thanks for being kind enough to oblige for a photograph. cheers!

    1. Hi M! Thanks for saying hi! It’s always nice to meet another fellow blogger :D Must be really hard work at the sale, but everyone looked upbeat and happy. Guess that’s what being surrounded by books does to you :D p/s: you’re so pretty!!!

      1. i absolutely loved your specs btw, kim! did you get them somewhere specific? also, i knew gareth looked familiar but i couldn’t be sure. and when i got a full glance of his face full-front, i thought he looked more like an angry biker and was like, nahhh, prolly not him. then i saw you! :D thanks for the compliment, although i assure you, you looked way better. come back to the sale any time! they bring in new books to re-stock every day and this weekend’s the last. xoxo

        1. Thanks M! Actually I got them from a normal optometrist, just chose a sunglasses frame and got larger lenses hehe. You’re so sweet la I know myself hahaha old dy!

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