RIP Steve Jobs, 1955 – 2011.

Today Steve Jobs died. Never been a user of any Apple product, the last time I did, it was a Mac and I…hated it. Something about not knowing how to operate the mouse and unable to get used to the GUI. Fast forward years later, the BF started using an iphone4 and after playing with it, I began to understand why so many people practically worship the brand.

Being an Apple product user for the first time is an unusual experience. First thing to enter your mind would be, “OMG where on earth have I been all this while!?”. Then, there’s the never-ending pleasant surprises of how everything just works. They just work! Not to mention the amazing, mind-blowing, super sleek graphics…..always ahead of its time.

Even for features that have existed long before in other products, Apple, under Steve Job’s direction still manages to make them sound new, awesome and cool. It’s no easy feat to come up with stuff like that, it took a ridiculously intelligent man with balls of steel and a fucking good taste to make it happen.

I’m still not a fan of Apple (something to do with Android). But there’s no denial that I felt a little taken aback when his death was announced. There’s no denial that I feel his was a life that ended way too soon. There’s no denial that I managed to feel some melancholy from the news.

However, I think I moved on about an hour after hearing of his passing, mumbled a little atheist prayer and then went grocery shopping. That’s probably what Steve Jobs would have done for a dead person that impressed him too. Except instead of grocery shopping, he’d make something that kicks your ass so hard you wouldn’t know where it’s landed.

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  1. Since I’ve known both u and ST I was a Mac fanboy not for the fact that I blindly loved apple products ( you guys know me) but because it worked for me I adore my PowerBook and my mbp but more than that I loved how Steve jobs made a product just more special than it actually was. The “oh and one more thing…” never gets old.

    R.I.P Steve the Mac zealots are your legacy.

    Comment written lovingly and with much sadness on a MacBook Pro

  2. Does anybody remember that time when Bill Gates said that Apple II is the best computer?
    The time before the operating system wars started?
    why those who Like to use Windows and those who like to use IOS can not live in peace?

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