Eating bird’s spit soup in Bangkok.

I grew up eating bird’s nest and I never knew they were made of bird’s spit until one day, a documentary told me so.

# – A bowl of spit, served with a half boiled egg, gingko nuts and syrup.

Surprisingly, I wasn’t shocked or disgusted. I guess I’ve always been quite gungho and adventurous when it comes to food, I even had a very specific goal of eating dog meat (that’s before I own a dog and vehemently hated pets).

I no longer want to eat dogs and the thought of it and other people doing it truly makes my stomach churns.

# – Mind boggling variety of bird’s nest. The staff tried to convince me to try something that cost a few hundred Ringgit a bowl. Tough luck.

Today I spoke to a friend who’s in China now to study the language and he told me he couldn’t eat pork anymore because his neighbour owns a teacup pig. I can so totally relate.

As much as I really want to own a teacup pig, please don’t give me a teacup pig because I will just stop eating pork, sorry #porkgang. They are so freaking cute!!!!!

# – I went for the cheapest one, RM30 a bowl. I liked that you could control the sweetness of the soup.

Anyway, this was about bird’s nest isn’t it? Sorry about the digression. I just wanted to post some pictures of me eating bird’s spit. I do not have anything intellectual or insightful to speak about this experience of mine.

# – Actually I was most excited about eating the half-boiled egg. Arguably, the bird’s nest made the egg even silkier and tastier.

Have a good weekend, peeps!

Burapa Bird’s Nest
Thanon Plaeng Nam, Samphanthawong,
Bangkok 10100, Thailand.

3 thoughts on “Eating bird’s spit soup in Bangkok.”

  1. egg white from an egg have more protein than a whole blardy bowl of birds’nest. . . .y spend so much when u have alternative. . .

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