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New Chunky Loaded Pizza loaded with awesome.

I always leave Pizza Hut with wonderful memories. Eating at Pizza Hut has always been a treat, with delicious pizzas that my whole family from young to old could thoroughly enjoy.

It doesn’t matter that my Mom prefers Asian food, my brothers prefer Western or my Dad who eats everything, Pizza Hut’s pizzas are accessible to everyone in the family!

I remember visiting Pizza Hut the most while studying in Form 3. Along with my best friend, we used to eat a regular pizza each (no typo there) as a reward for studying so hard for the most important examination of that year, PMR. Hahaha.

After finishing our pizzas (AND the awesome side dishes), we would attempt to study again. Operative word being “attempt”. Pizza Hut doesn’t only have a wonderful environment for bonding with friends and family but also very conducive for children studying for major examinations, REALLY! That’s how I scored straight As ok!

# – Pizza Hut, where you eat, laugh and share!

OMG just realised it’s been TWELVE years since 1999. The feelings haven’t changed though. I still enjoy Pizza Hut to this day; I still think it’s great for families and friends to have good food, good conversations, good times :)

Well, I can’t help but be excited to know that Pizza Hut has launched the New Chunky Loaded Pizza. The only mouth-watering 10 layered pizza in town! 10 layers of ingredients, toppings and multiple crusts which create an abundance of titillating taste experiences – all in ONE pizza.

# – The delicious 10 layers in New Chunky Loaded Pizza.

My opinion about the New Chunky Loaded Pizza? I’d say it’s a wonderful pizza for those who prefer something lighter. In spite of the 10 layers, it’s surprisingly light and fresh tasting!

# – Deng, deng, deng, denggggggggggggggggggggg

# – The smell of the pizza alone brings smiles!

The best way to describe the New Chunky Loaded Pizza? It’s like a thin crust pizza with thick layers of tasty fillings. You can literally taste the juicy sweet tomatoes and vegetables bursting in your mouth, the fresh herbs lingering around, every bite of chicken & beef and the oh so delicious mozzarella cheese.

# – Eat.

# – Share.

# – Laugh :)

Had a really wonderful and fun time at Pizza Hut with KY, Haze and other fellow bloggers while trying out the New Chunky Loaded Pizza.

# – Bloggers tucking in!

Of course, you should never, never miss out on the side dishes like chicken wings and the food platter. Yums!

# – Juicy, favourful chicken wings. Seriously can fight with that famous one in KL! I hoovered up loads of this :D

# – These weave cut potatoes? TO DIE FOR!

By the way, check out the new commercial for the pizza too. First, it’d make you all warm and giddy inside and next, it’d make you H U N G R Y! It’s like magic, smile, smile, smile, hungry -_-

Go on, like the page for more delicious pizzas :)

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