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Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011.

What an experience!

Being at the Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 felt like being a child again visiting a grand science exhibition for the first time.

# – Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 at Bukit Jalil.

It was exciting, awe inspiring and downright impressive! Seeing The Dome itself from a far, a formidable structure, was another experience in its own class.

How on earth did they manage to build something like that next to our beloved National Stadium? I guess that’s what you call German engineering.

# – A glimmer of The Dome. This picture does not do justice to it!

# – Cindy and Joyce were there too.

Being inside The Dome, your every sense was treated to an array of visual and aural stimulations. Unbelievably breathtaking!

# – The inside of The Dome was simply mindblowing!

And then….the cars began to make an appearance by coming out of nowhere circling the perimeter of the dome. Your mind wonders on the amazing architecture of the dome while your heart beats for the seemingly precarious but EXCITING performance.

# – Some of the VW vehicles driving along the wall of The Dome!

A wide range from the Volkswagen family, each one warmly introduced by a member of staff from Volkswagen. Lovely affair with a classy touch :)

Then the 21st century VW Beetle made an appearance and everyone raised and gasped at its beauty. I felt lucky to be in the audience.

# – 21st century Beetle!

VW Das Auto Show 2011 was without a doubt one of my most amazing experiences. Don’t miss it!

# – A large car showroom is also attached to The Dome. It’s a vision of white!

Seeing all the Volkswagen cars has given me an idea of what my next car will be ;-)

# – Not yet but maybe soon! :-D

I implore you to check out the Volkswagen Das Auto Show 2011 at Stadium Bukit Jalil from 10-11 September 2011, 10am-10pm.

P/S: Entrance into Das Auto 2011 is complimentary :)

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