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Charlie & I are going to win PURINA ONE Picture of Health Contest!

I had so much fun taking pictures of Charlie for the PURINA ONE Picture of Health Contest!

In my not so humble opinion, Charlie is the epitome of health so I’m banking on my hairy son on winning the main prize of RM10,000 and one year’s supply of PURINA ONE kibbles!

Finally an awesome contest for dog lovers! C’mon Charlie, make it happen for mummy! :D

# – PURINA ONE Picture of Health Contest.

PURINA ONE promises improvements in 6 areas when you feed your dog PURINA ONE exclusively for 30 days and they are:

  1. Better body condition
  2. Clearer eyes, healthy skin & coat
  3. Strong bones & joints
  4. Improved digestion
  5. Strong immune system
  6. Healthy teeth & gums

So in the spirit of PURINA ONE’s promises, Charlie and I have decided to submit photo entries into the contest that are centered around them! Check us out :D

# – Charlie with Better Body Condition (That’s why he’s such a happy, jolly, merry cocker spaniel!).

# – Charlie with Clearer Eyes, Healthy Skin & Coat (EEEEk too cute!!! I can squeeze the air out of him right now!).

# – Charlie with Strong Bones & Joints (See he can support his weight on only 3 legs hehehe)

# – Charlie with Improved Digestion (I contemplated taking a picture of his beautiful, slightly soft but not too soft ahemmm but I refrained lah!)

# – Charlie with Strong Immune System (Out everyday, on grass, mud and gawdknowswhat but still awesome!)

# – Charlie with Healthy Teeth & Gums (He only eats kibbles which keep his gnashers strong and bright)

So, do you want to have a fun time taking pictures of your furkids and stand a chance to win some monehs and year’s supply of dog food while at it??

The PURINA ONE Picture of Health Contest ends on 2nd October 2011 and this is how you participate:

  • Log on to PURINA ONE website.
  • Answer 2 simple questions (the answers are on the website).
  • Upload your furkids’ photos.
  • Enter the expiry date and barcode name of your PURINA ONE product as proof of purchase to enter.
  • Register as member by keying in your details and voila…on your way to winning cash and PURINA ONE supplies!

By the way, if you’re not into online submission, you can also get entry forms from shops that sell PURINA ONE.

# – PURINA ONE Smartblend Lamb & Rice, Charlie’s favourite.

For more information, check out: May the best furkid wins!

/competitive mode switched on

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