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Mooncakes that will blow your mind.

Mooncake Festival is coming soon! Woohoo! I’ve always been a bit of a traditionalist when it comes to mooncakes…give me one with nice thin skin, luscious lotus paste, double yolks and you’ve made a girl very happy.

Oh, before I forget, must absolutely throw in a pot of fragrant chinese tea too!

Yeap, I love my mooncakes. I can eat a few on one sitting, not kidding. That is why I was very excited to attend the launch of Tai Thong mooncakes for 2011 and was in complete awe over the unusual flavours created by Tai Thong’s Group Executive Chef Yiu Wing Keung.

Every year, he comes up with new flavours that are not even in the market yet and more often than not, they turn out to become bestsellers. That is how brilliant he is!

# – Tai Thong’s Group Executive Chef Yiu Wing Keung demonstrating the making of one of his best selling mooncakes, the Snowskin Chocolate Yogurt with Cranberry Bits.

It was a delight to watch him work. His display of expertise and speed was mind boggling. Chef even fussed about how the mooncakes should be cut when they were served to us, that’s how serious he is about the mooncakes. I suppose with over 34 years of culinary experience, man has got to have some standards.

# – The filling (left) and snowskin dough (right) before undergoing transformation. By the way, the high quality flour used to make the snowskin is imported from Hong Kong and it is made fresh daily.

# – Chef Yiu proudly showing the Snowskin Chocolate Yogurt with Cranberry Bits.

Now let me show you the mooncakes for 2011, upclose…

# – Snowskin Chocolate Yogurt with Cranberry Bits. The snowskin is light, almost airy. The filling is subtly sweet with some tartness coming through from the cranberry bits. An absolute delight to end a meal with. Best snowskin mooncake I’ve ever tasted!

# – Snowy White Lotus with Sesame & Custard for Winter. The same light, airy snowskin which envelopes a very luscious sesame and custard filling. It has the same smoothness of fine lotus filling but without the cloying taste that might take over if you’ve eaten too much of it. It’s perfect for a few more servings, hehe.

# – Wholesome Wheatgrass with Single Yolk for Spring. This is perfect for the traditionalist who wants something slightly different. The wheatgrass gives the lotus paste a nice refreshing quality, a divine combination with the thin skin and salted egg yolk. One of my favourites!

# – Golden Honey Grapefruit with Pineapple. The filling is light & citrus-y, which goes so well with the fragrant thin skin. It’s like eating fruits, but FAR better :D

# – And then, there’s Savoury White Lotus with Shrimp Sambal. I can’t describe the experience of tasting this. It totally changed my perspective on mooncakes. Instead of the common salted egg yolk, the centre filling is a delicious savoury, a little spicy shrimp sambal which brings eating mooncake to a whole new level. The combination is just pure genius! I have no words to describe other than CHECK IT OUT.

The packaging of these mooncakes is so gorgeous, they make perfect gifts. Looking to impress your future in-laws or business associates? Or just for your own collection? There are 4 metal boxes of 4 different colours to choose from and if you collect all of them, they can be arranged to form one beautiful illustration of a moon with various cute & heartwarming scenes :)

# – The 4 boxes arranged together to form one beautiful moon illustration.

If you want more information about these mooncakes, please log on to and click LIKE to access more information. By the way, there’s a really fun contest called “The Sweetest Snapshot Contest” currently running at the Facebook page with fantastic weekly prizes such as dining vouchers, Ipad2s and Iphone4s.

# – The Tai Thong’s Sweetest Snapshot Contest on Facebook.

Starting from 11th July and ending on 4th September, the contest period is divided into several categories:

  • Week 1-2 are Early Bird Weeks, where the prizes are 1 Apple iPad 2 + RM100 Voucher.
  • Week 3-7 are Standard Weeks, where the prizes are 1 Apple iPad 2 + RM100 Voucher (1st prize) & 1 Apple iPhone 4 + RM100 Voucher (2nd prize).
  • Week 8 is Grand Prize Week, where the prizes are 1 Apple iPad 2 + Apple iPhone 4 + RM500 voucher.

To enter this contest during Week 1-7, Facebook fans are required to take a photo of ANY of the new mooncake boxes, submit it to the Facebook contest application together with a caption “I love Tai Thong Mooncakes because….” in less than 25 words. 5 posts with the highest number of votes in that week will proceed to the next round where Tai Thong appointed judges will select the most creative photo and caption as the winner. As for the grand Week 8, the same rules apply with the exception that instead of picture of any mooncake box, participants are to take a photo of ALL of the new mooncake boxes.

# – Some of the entries that I really like. So cute!!!!

To recap, if you’re interested in participating, go to, “like” the page and then click on “Sweetest Snapshot Contest” on the left sidebar.

Have a great Mid-Autumn Festival and hope you’d enjoy the Tai Thong mooncakes as much as I did!

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