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Thank you for voting for me!!!!

Remember my participation in Hotlink’s Bloggers Without Borders contest? Well, I was really excited about the contest and was hoping I could finally win the chance to go to the Philippines!

However, something even sweeter than winning happened on last Thursday’s evening….my boyfriend suddenly announced that we’re leaving the country first thing in the morning and I didn’t even know we’re heading to Bangkok until we were at the airport on the day after.

It’s my birthday surprise that he had planned for the past two months <3 And due to this amazing surprise trip, I would have been unable to travel to Philippines as the day of departure coincided with my Bangkok trip. So, while at the airport waiting to board our plane to the Land of Smiles, I decided to make a video to thank everyone who voted and supported me in this contest. Although I didn't manage to go anyway, I'm really touched that you all had taken time out to vote for me!

Thank you again <3

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