Birthday Bubble Bath ftw!

Heya it’s my birthday woohoo!

Just got back from a mad shopping session at Chatuchak and soaking in a bath to unwind :D

# – Bubble bath FTW

As some of you might know, the boyfriend surprised me with a trip to Bangkok. Apparently he had planned it for about 2 months and I had no inkling at all.

I didn’t know where we’re going till he passed me a reasonably large amount of Thai Bahts as he put it, “shopping money” at the airport ;)

# – First day shopping stash

I was hoping he would just take me to a nice restaurant and call it a day. Obviously, he has done so much better.

Thanks baby for a wonderful trip, I’m having the best birthday EVAR! Love you so much! <3

27 thoughts on “Birthday Bubble Bath ftw!”

  1. May you always have warm fuzzy hugs, belly aching laughters and forever enough money to belanja a friend ^^ HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Btw u look like a small kid here lols….

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