The Chocolate Story by Godiva.

In conjunction with the launch of Godiva Ramadhan 2011 Collection, Godiva invited a bunch of us to attend a session of fine chocolate tasting as well as undergo Master Chocolatier workshop called “The Chocolate Story”.

This was definitely right up my alley, as you are probably already aware of my affinity for chocolates. Most of my desserts are chocolate based hehe.

# – Godiva!!!!

# – Hmmmm…

Godiva knows how difficult it is to pick the perfect gift for Raya and hence, they came up with the “GODIVA Chocolatier Hamper Collection” which consists of hampers packed with handpicked Godiva goodies that are gorgeously named as the Jubilee, Impression and Jewel De Nile.

Classy, delicious and easy on the eyes, who could resist these Godiva hampers?

# – The Ramadhan 2011 Collection. Love the tasteful round containers.

# – Li Ling very happy tasting some fine Godiva’s milk chocolate.

# – With gorgeous Mei and Cheng Yi.

# – With the Suan and Li Ling photobombing hehe.

# – With Horng & KY.

After tasting some Godivas, we were taught how to make chocolate tidbits!

# – Me having a go at making some chocolate goodies.

# – Me and my teammates, Ken from Foodpoi and Kampung Boy of KampungBoyCityGal fame :)

# – The goodies we made. Obviously, we have loads to learn, haha! Nevertheless we had fun!!

# – G having a go too. He can make me some desserts now!

# – Group pic!

Thanks Godiva, I had a lovely time!

Godiva Chocolatier Cafe,
Level 2,
Jln Bukit Bintang,
Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03 – 2142 5252

13 thoughts on “The Chocolate Story by Godiva.”

  1. All i can say is, nice chest (photo no.7) WHY didn’t you put the other one?!! WHY?? Eat chocolates, get big chest.. should be the caption:P Mwuahahaha…

  2. Godiva is the proper stuff.

    The other brand starting with ‘P’ is all $$ and no go. Taste like shit one.

  3. My wife would have love to be there for such a divine occasion :) Although I’m not as big into chocolate as she is, I have to admit I wouldn’t mind either. But Its gotta be Dark Chocolate!

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