Pet-friendly beach resort in Cherating, Kuantan.

Last weekend, the entire family went to Cherating for my Mom’s birthday. Ruby’s Resort was the natural choice for accommodation as it’s pet-friendly and I believe it is the only pet-friendly resort in the entire nation.

# – Charlie <3

The place was truly wonderful! We had such a great time with our furkids. Mom brought along Sisi, Brad & Pitt while we brought Charlie. It’s the very first time our doggies got to see the beach!

# – Charlie with daddy.

# – My daddy chasing after Pitt.

# – My parents running with Brad and Pitt.

Chatted with Ruby about her resort and shocked to hear that she had guests who secretly took off at 2am leaving the beds soiled with dog poo and pee. I was so shocked to hear that there are people who behave such a way! It’s disgusting!

That’s why Ruby now has a policy for guests with pets to bring their own bedsheets. Honestly, I was rather taken aback when I learnt of the bedsheet policy but after listening to Ruby, I can totally understand why she decided to impose it. I’m just thankful that she didn’t decide to ban pets from her resort thanks to that terrible experience.

By the way, Ruby herself has 9 cats and 3 dogs and various other animals as pets!

# – Charlie and his sandy nose, hehehe.

# – Was about to keel over and die chasing after excited Charlie <3

# – BF taking picture of wet Charlie.

Bringing our own bedsheets was absolutely nothing considering the fun and happiness we got from vacationing with our furkids :)

# – My Dad’s still got it!

# – With the resident doggie, Stout. He is possibly the most friendly, adorable dog I’ve ever met!!!

# – Mom with Stout’s sister, Princess. Also impossibly friendly!!

Of course we had superb food while in Cherating. One restaurant worth noting is Restoran Duyong, which is less than 5 minutes away from Ruby’s Resort. Aside from serving fantastic seafood, it’s also pet friendly! :)

# – Deep fried squid. Crunchy but not overcooked…YUMMY!

# – Tom Yam fried rice. Spicy but tasty.

# – Perfectly stir fried kailan with salted fish.

# – Black pepper crabs with glass noodles. Orgasmic!

# – The interesting dish called Loy Katong. Delicious deep fried battered fish and vegetables with some raw vegetables and delicious spicy dipping sauce.

Such a fun and relaxing weekend. I can’t wait to go back to Ruby’s Resort!

Ruby’s Resort,
Lot 350, Jalan Kemaman,
Kampung Cendor,
Cendor, 26080 Kuantan,
Pahang Darul Makmur,
GPS Coordinates: N04º 8.956, E103º 24.425
Tel: +60 16-938 1298

Restoran Duyong,
Batu 28, Kampung Cherating,
Cherating, Jalan Kuantan-Kemaman,
26080 Kuantan, Pahang Darul Makmur,
Tel: +609-581 9578/+6013-908 1549

36 thoughts on “Pet-friendly beach resort in Cherating, Kuantan.”

  1. Stout is a darling!! :D

    Princess reminds me of Marley ;-)


    Aunty Ruby is a cheeky angel!! :D

    Can’t wait for my trip there next month! :D

    If you are planning to go again next time, get Aunty Ruby to give you the address to the best Har Mein in Kemaman ;-)

  2. happy family indeed, with the dogs and all. My dad and mum lives in Penang, and have had this toy poodle for the past 1 year or so. Kept them so happy and contented.

    I believe Ruby’s Resort is actually the first of its kind to allow pets. Such a noble notion and effort. Glad to see you had fun Kimberly!

  3. Whoa! That black pepper crab dish with glass noodles looks decadent! Crap, I missed that during the trip, it looks like it’s worth another trip to Kuantan just for that. So many crabs, so little noodles. Nicely cracked claws. Steaming hot in a claypot. *drools

  4. What a nice getaway with the furkids!! Never knew that pet-friendly resort existed in Malaysia. Stout and Princess are adorable, they even have the same sitting style haha!

    1. yeah i didn’t know about it till last year too. apparently they’ve been in operation for 5 years already. stout and princess are such darlings, can melt the most stoic of hearts haha

  5. a friend runs a resort in pangkor, i should ask if he’s making it pet friendly, if not, he definitely should

  6. Hey Kimberly, would you mind sharing what flats you wore at the beach? Love the colour!! :) and where to get them! Thanks! :)

    1. i bought then from The Curve (at the upper floor there’s this space where a mixture of merchants sell clothes and shoes). the flats are called Alice (i called them my knockoff crocs though haha) and are quite cheap.

  7. Hi Kimberly,

    It’s a small world indeed… OMD! You are a blog babe yourself, BOL! The black pepper crab looks yummilicious. Definitely will try it on our next visit to Duyung. Love your blog ;)

    Licks to Charlie and everyone,
    hero, cheche and koko

  8. Sounds like you folks had a great time! It is good to see a place that accepts pets, I didnt know such things existed in Malaysia. As for Cherating, awesome place to unwind and chill out, btw, that first photo is brilliant!
    Glad you enjoyed your weekend break!

  9. Hi! After reading your post some time ago, I’ve started planning to bring my family with 3 dogs and 1 cat to Ruby’s.. and finally the date is drawing near! Am really excited about it.. but also a bit unsure. Was wondering what else did you guys do during your holiday in Cherating? Or should we just hang out at the resort?
    And they don’t allow pets at their cafe? So our dogs will need to stay in the room? Any other tips you can share? heh heh. :)

  10. Thanks for the info on Restoran Duyong. We spent 2 days at Ruby’s but didn’t know there’s a pet-friendly restaurant nearby. Had to leave our ‘children’ caged in the car (with all car doors opened of course) when we have our meal. Can’t really enjoy our meals as we had to keep our eyes on the car most of the time.

    Anyway, we still had a great time at Ruby’s and planning to go again.

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