How to peel a pomelo and torture your dog for fun.

My dad went to Ipoh recently, an idyllic city in Northern Malaysia for a game of golf with his friends. He brought home a couple of signature goodies, namely baked salted chickens (orgasmic!), green bean biscuits (meh!) and pomelos (yums!).

# – Pomelo.

This is a post on how to peel a pomelo and then torture your dog for fun.

# – First of all, cut off the top of the pomelo as close to the flesh as possible, about an inch from the top.

# – Like this…

# – Then score from the start of the peel all the way to the bottom without cutting through. Do this all around the pomelo.

# – Using your fingers, pull the thick pomelo peel away from the side of the flesh.

# – Lastly, insert your finger underneath the bottom of the peel, and pull it off.

# – The result….

# – Then, peel the thick soft skin off the flesh.

# – Finally, enjoy the sweet pomelo fruit while…

# – …….having a good laugh at your poor dog wearing his new hat.

# – No dog was harmed at the expense of our enjoyment. Not physically anyway…..

Have a good weekend, peeps!

33 thoughts on “How to peel a pomelo and torture your dog for fun.”

  1. Oh wow that thing is huge! I had never heard of pomelo before but it looks yummy. And poor dogie, he doesn’t seem to care, though.

  2. Lol! how could you, the poor dog.. cute though :P

    Ipoh pomelos really sweet yah. Throw some over here! :) I don’t think i’ve ever peeled my own pomelos before. Isaac only knows how to makan.

  3. LOL other than putting in on charlie, did u know that u can soak them over nite in warm water and then roast them/grill them with spices to eat? my granny does it fo us all the time n i love it :D

  4. Your post titles always crack me up haha! Nice tip, it’s like peeling off a really large orange ;) Poor Charlie, but the hat looks cool though LOL!

  5. haha. i do the same thing to my dog with the pomelo skin but she would always shake it off. charlie is so adorable!

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