Homemade luxurious chocolate rum sauce.

So, did you watch the Royal Wedding? I was out shopping the whole day so was just keeping track via Twitter.

The dress..wow! So gorgeous, elegant and yet understated. Very, very classy. Bride was beautiful and absolutely glowing! I don’t think she would cringe looking back at her wedding pictures 30 years later.

As for Prince William…I wish he had shaved his head! Oh well! Queen was really cute in canary yellow, she looked like she could be a sister to Prince Charles!

# – Congratulations to the Royal Couple!

As I catch up with the news and pictures of the wedding, I feel some pangs of sadness. I wish Princess Diana could be around to see her Will getting married to the love of his life. I guess it’s because I grew up reading a lot of Australian tabloids featuring Princess Diana and thanks to the Australians I developed quite a fondness for her as well. So when she passed away, I really felt like I got the wind knocked out of me. Cried my eyes out while glued to the TV for days, I even made a tribute card completed with lyrics of Candle in the Wind written in cursive….

Anyway, I’m sure she’s watching her sons from above and she would be so proud :)

Lets move on to my favourite topic, FOOD! I blogged about profiteroles yesterday and promised I will blog about the yummy chocolate rum sauce I served with them.

This chocolate sauce is so incredibly easy to make I feel kind of shy about posting the recipe up but hey, if I didn’t know about it before I figure many people won’t know about it too, right?

The ingredients:

  • A block of dark chocolate, chopped (In fact I used just ordinary cooking chocolate but they turned out well. I suspect the taste of cheap shortening was masked by the rum….hehehehe)
  • 2 tablespoons of rum
  • 1 tablespoon of water
  • 3 tablespoons of golden syrup or honey
  • 25 grams of butter

# – First, dump the butter and chocolate into a microwave save bowl. Add the a tablespoon of water.

# – Followed by two tablespoons of rum. Or three…if you should fancy :P

# – Then, add 3 tablespoons of golden syrup or honey.

# – Finally, stick it in the microwave to nuke at High for 2 minutes.

# – After the nuking session, the mixture may still be lumpy but do not worry, just stir with a spoon until completely dissolved.

# – Like this…

# – Voila, homemade chocolate rum sauce, DONE.

If you don’t have a microwave, do not worry! Just use a double boiler; basically standing the bowl of mixture over a pot of simmering water and stir till everything’s melted and combined (ensure the bowl doesn’t touch the water).

They will hardened when kept in the fridge, just warm it up using the double boiler or nuke it in the microwave.

Drizzle the sauce over ice cream, profiteroles or even use it for dipping churros in. This chocolate sauce is very versatile, taste really good and well, is recommended only for adults ;)

16 thoughts on “Homemade luxurious chocolate rum sauce.”

  1. Shave his head! You want him to look like Telly Savalas?

    Yea, poor Princess Di (sniff, sob) shot through with a string of chosen studs, ended up being killed drag racing through Paris (with a drunk chauffer) whilst in the company of an African playboy. Some role model she turned out to be!

    William & Kate, lovely couple. What a fairytale wedding. The British certianly know how to do pageantry. For military uniforms nobody can beat them!

          1. I’m “straight”, thus blind to the relative appeal of different men. They are all just “men” to me.

            However I’m not blind to either class or style. Jason Statham has neither. On top of which he cannot act.

            High profile he may be, perhaps he even has “looks”, but panache, elan, class & style he does not. Jason Statham is nothing more than a not particularly intelligent thug.

            1. hey! not too harsh on my man, jason. for an unintelligent thug, he’s doing very well. I’d much rather tap him than some pompous, classy, stylish douchebag that can’t get it up unless he’s staring at his own reflection.

  2. hey hon, where did u file the “how to make the seeds in the chilly out”, i wanna do now but cant find it ;[

  3. I watched the royal wedding live on TV, Kate looks absolutely gorgeous. Her dress was a classic and she already looked like royalty without trying!
    And oh, thanks for the cocolate sauce recipe! I;m sure this will be “useful” ;)

  4. My favourite touches?
    Prince Harry: The hairstyle (looks like he popped in from the battlefield to stand up for his brother)
    Prince William: The Irish Guards uniform with RAF pilot’s wings!

    Riding in open Landaus.
    Prince William’s departure from Buck House in his dad’s Aston Martin!

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