Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011

I can’t believe it’s already a year since the last Black Circuit Lounge! Held in Le Marquee, Palace of The Golden Horses, the venue seemed much bigger this time.

So yeah, the air conditioning broke down. It came back intermittently during the entire duration of the party but after a while it really didn’t matter anymore. The music was good and I was dancing so much, a tornado couldn’t have cooled me down, hehe.

# – Johnnie Walker Black Circuit Lounge 2011.

Nothing much to say except that Johnnie Walker does throw the best parties, hands down. There was no shortage of drinks up till we left and finger foods were delicious. Love that they served up those delicious chocolate pralines to go with some Johnnie Walker.

Camho time!!!

# – Horng cracks me up!

# – With the BF/ST. Hugs not drugs.

# – Ah, still sober.

# – ST with Sam and a tipsy Kerol.

# – Nicholas, who always reminds me of Masuka from Dexter. Same perverted humour, seriously!

# – Kerol, going down….

# – Horng, KY and me. Slowly going down…

# – Horng & Yuki, Joshua & friend, BF and Me!

# – Celebrity spotted, Jojo Struys!

# – With Tian Chad. Superb photographer!

# – More happy people.

# – With my one and only top lady Michelle.

# – With spunky Wheylu, whom I love for she serves it as it is!

# – More happy people again – Yuki, Ringo, Horng, KY, Me and Kerol!

# – Lastly, me and ST again with kisses. MWAH MWAH.

What a party! We stayed there till the end, powered by Johnnie Walker in the bloodstream. SUPERB!

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