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Cooking with Samsung Galaxy SL

People always say that the generation of today cannot leave home without their phones. I, on the other hand, cannot live in my home without the Samsung Galaxy SL. As some of you might know, I’ve recently picked up the cooking bug.

I often trawl the internet for hours looking for interesting recipes to try out and boy, there are countless of them out there! Well, I’m not here to talk about searching for online recipes but rather the activities that transpire after finding a recipe.

Before I begin though, you should know that I recently got to review the very cool, very sleek Samsung Galaxy SL. And I am now completely smitten! Well, since I got the smartphone, my cooking history has officially been divided into “pre” and “post” eras.

The “pre Samsung Galaxy SL era” was filled with running up & down between my study and kitchen to re-read recipes on my laptop in the midst of cooking because:

1. I feel that it’s wasteful to kill trees printing or writing those recipes down for reference.
2. I thought I should impose a minor workout regiment on myself anyway considering all the food I’ve been hoovering.
3. Okay, I’m just too lazy to write and my printer has been out of commission for a while.

As for my “post Samsung Galaxy SL era”….


# – The beautiful Samsung Galaxy SL.

No longer do I need to run back and forth between my study and kitchen because I could literally bring the online recipe into my kitchen, which are displayed by the delightful Super Clear LCD, a technology that gives clear visibility even in broad daylight!

# – The screen is large and superbly clear, which makes reading a recipe WHILE cooking a very pleasant experience.

One thing I notice about the touch screen is that it’s amazingly responsive, in fact I think it’s very, very close to the touchscreen of the “other” infamous smartphone I shall not name here. Playing games and typing on the touchscreen is so so so awesome! Yeah, I am truly impressed by the touchscreen.

It is also a surprisingly light smartphone considering its size, weighing only about 131 grams. Perfect for women, eh ;)

The phone has a superb camera too, with 5 megapixels capability and other cool features such as a auto focus, smile detection, digital zoom, multi shot, various effects, self-timer and hear this, panorama!

# – Picture taking is easy and intuitive, even with greasy, slippery hands begot from cooking ;)

Basically, it’s a more than decent camera that lets me share pictures of my cooking process while I’m STILL cooking!

# – Sharing pictures with friends is a breeze!

Most importantly, it runs on Android 2.2, which in my humble opinion is the BEST mobile operating system in the whole wide world. It is seamlessly compatible with almost all computers, has a bustling marketplace filled with amazingly cool applications and is unbelievably stable. The Samsung Galaxy SL doesn’t lag, it is quite a marvel!

As people like to comment on those bent on buying a certain electronic gadget, yes, ladies & gentlemen, I am fully “poisoned” by the Samsung Galaxy SL.

Pay attention because Celcom is offering a really sweet deal for getting the beautiful Samsung Galaxy SL. All you need to do is to register online via Celcom website and if you’re one of the 1st 100 customers, you will be entitled to enjoy an additional RM100 discount on the new Samsung Galaxy SL + a FREE 8GB Micro SD card! In addition to the RM100 discount, you can also enjoy an additional 5% discount on your monthly bill every month with any major credit cards via auto-billing. I told you it’s sweet!

I mean what’s not to like about being a Celcom customer? Check out the awesome Celcom Exec postpaid plans….

# – With Celcom Exec postpaid plans – You could save OVER RM800 on this amazing phone!

If you choose Celcom Exec 50, among the benefits you can get are:

  • FREE mobile internet and call within network on weekends
  • Call rate as low as 10.5sen/min (this is after 30% discount)
  • Talk more, save more. Up to 30% automatic discount

# – It is simply the best cooking aid I have ever used!!!

Now you know what I mean by you can’t leave or live in your home without the Samsung Galaxy SL. Register now at Celcom!

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