In Penang. Again!

Was so happy when the boyfriend suggested we head up to Penang for a getaway in conjunction with his mom’s visit to Malaysia. Penang is my favourite state hands down. Love the food, the architectures, the food….teeheehee.

It’s 1.30am now and I’m blogging in our hotel room in the dark because I’m such a dedicated blogger, right? Nope….the truth is my stomach is just too full for me to fall asleep :P

# – It’s been many times, but yet I still feel excited at the sight of Penang Bridge suspension hehe.

As soon as we crossed Penang Bridge, we headed towards Tanjung Bungah for the famous banana fritters and deep fried ninkou. They’re so good it’s not unusual to see Singaporeans buying 50 pieces at one go at this place!

# – 10 pieces each of both banana fritters & fried ninkous. As I regretfully discovered, was simply too much for 3 people :P

By the time we roused from the sugar induced coma it was time for dinner at New Lane. Sadly, the awesome stall selling pork intestine porridge was closed but I made it up with 2 plates of charkuewteow, a bowl of laksa and 3 pairs of kickass grilled chicken wings. For the record, I shared.

# – How to tell which chicken wing was eaten by a white person and which by a chinese? Chinese gnaws it down to the bones!

Before I knew it, supper greeted me in the form of hokkien mee (or prawn mee as we KLites call it) from Old Green House. This has got to be the most sumptuous version of Penang Hokkien Mee with the addition of roast pork, extra prawns, pork balls and other goodies. A little pricey but totally worth it!

# – Remember to order your Old Green House hokkien mee with Cintan noodles. By the way, the puny plate of lobak in this picture cost us RM9. Quite nice but whether it’s worth RM9 or not…I don’t think so.

The next day, while on the way to Kek Lok Si temple, we stopped at Kopitiam Taman Emas opposite Penang Girl’s School for its unique Penang laksa served with deep fried spring rolls. In all honesty, I’m not particularly taken by the noodles (though I must clarify that they’re still WAY better than the average stuff you get in KL), but my gawd the spring rolls? After dipped in the laksa soup, they’re capable of bringing joy & happiness even to the most cynical of mouths.

# – Who knew spring rolls and laksa could make such a killer combo?

Glad I had lunch because it was a challenge climbing up the pagoda at Kek Lok Si. Though I’ve been to Kek Lok Si several times, it was my first time up the pagoda. Everytime I thought I had reached the top, I was greeted by a new set of staircase. It was mindboggling…

# – View from like 2nd floor I think though I honestly thought this was top floor. By the time I actually reached the top floor I was too delirious to take a decent picture of the view -_-

I know, I need to work on my fitness :P

Before I end the blog post, here’s an obligatory camho picture from the grounds of Kek Lok Si…

# – Me and my zodiac sign, the rat.

Seriously, the rat statue kind of crept me out cause it looked so menacing. C’mon it’s more scary looking than the tiger okay? I wish they had made a cuter version!

Have a great week, peeps!

17 thoughts on “In Penang. Again!”

  1. next time when u come to Penang can go and try the Fried Banana and Fried Nin Kou at Jalan Free School. You can turn in the road beside Macdonals Greenlane and go straight to the end. U will see the stall on ur right.

  2. Dear, put la the map to the banana fritters and fried nie ko. I am going to Pg tomorow la. Am dying to try after looking at your pics.

  3. cheeching: hehe sorry dear :P

    ahsiang: oh yeah!

    joey: didn’t try next time, but will definitely do so next trip! thx for the tip :)

    sotong: me toooooo

    jjx: sorry la, mobile blogging a bit hard lah. just head to tanjung bungah, look for the corner kopitiam called kwong ban lee (visible from main road one) and you’ll see the food truck..go during afternoon only

    randomer: thank you!

    nekomeow: i think so also lolol

    ky: ya..saw ur tweets so rush also dont wanna kacau u dy haha

    horng: :p :p :p

  4. i cant get over how much younger you look now!! loving it <3

    hahaha alvin told me u made a wise choice in cutting cux ure suited for shorter hair X_X

  5. There are nicer Hokkien mee in Pg. I am from Pg n a
    big fan of h.mee.Next time u come to Pg I will tell you which is best. ÓźÖ

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