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Liquid heaven that is Kilkenny.

Kilkenny is one of my favourite beers in the world. It is smooth and tasty, a solid body without being bitter and a wonderful creamy quality that no other beer has ever come close to. And when served fresh off the tap? It is pure liquid heaven!

But I think the one thing that I love most about Kilkenny is that it’s not very gassy!

It’s common knowledge that I love that other famous dark ale which shall remain nameless now but at times when I just want something light and refreshing, I’d go for a Kilkenny. Brewed with the finest ingredients, Kilkenny is served in more than 45 countries worldwide and thankfully, Malaysia is one of them.

Quite regularly after walking Charlie, our dog, we would pop over to the pub nearby just to get a couple of pints of Kilkenny. It’s the best remedy to soothe a thirsty and dry throat :)

# – Better than water!

First brewed in the renowned St. Francis Abbey Brewery, Ireland almost 300 years ago, talk about a rich heritage!

In Malaysia, Kilkenny is brewed under strict quality control in the most recognisable landmark off Federal Highway, the GAB factory.

Kilkenny uses only the best ingredients and hires only the best people to turn these ingredients into the liquid heaven we have come to love.

# – One of his favourite beers too.

This festive season, what’s better to wash down all those rich, delicious food than Kilkenny? There are over 250 pubs and bars serving it and you won’t go wrong ordering one.

My favourite spot to enjoy a Kilkenny is Fitou in Waterfront, Desa Park City and Sid’s Pub in TTDI. What about yours?

# – Kilkenny – refreshing and satisfying!

I truly recommend toasting to Christmas and a great new year with Kilkenny :)

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