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Celcom Great Sale is Back!!!!

December is always the busiest month of the year; trying to tie up any loose end, chasing payments (err for me lah), buying Christmas gifts for loved ones and many more. It’s also the month where you review your past year’s resolutions; whether any were accomplished or needed a little more boost before the year ends. And of course, most importantly, it’s the time where you’d start planning the coming year’s resolutions.

So, how has your current mobile phone served you in the past year? If you’re thinking of a new replacement, look no further than the Celcom Great Sale! There are amazing deals for everyone!

If you’re an existing Celcom user already, just use your phone to earn discounts on new phones! The more you use, the bigger your discount! From now until 31 March 2011, Celcom will be rewarding customers with special tokens when they use their phone during the period. All you have to do is to collect as many tokens as possible for a chance to redeem the latest mobile phones in town.

It’s that simple, the more you use your phone, the more tokens collection, the bigger the discounts on the latest phones.

# – Examples of tokens Celcom customers may receive.

They will receive their tokens in 2 ways:

  • For every RM10 usage of the phone during the Sale period, Celcom customer will enjoy 1 token.
  • For loyal Celcom customers, they will get to receive tokens depending on how long they’ve been a customer.

For more information, log on to for more information on the Celcom Sale, tokens collection and other great deals!

If you’re not an existing Celcom users, fret not because there are fantastic deals lined up for you too. Just sign up for selected Celcom Exec postpaid plans during the Celcom Sale and you’d get to enjoy these phones at amazingly reduced prices.

# – Phones that you can get by signing up with Celcom Exec plans.

# – And these are phones that you can get by signing up with Celcom Biz plans.

The Celcom Great Sale is not only exclusive to mobile phone users though. Broadband users get to enjoy a lot of great deals too! For every RM10 usage of Celcom Broadband, you get to earn you 1 token as well!

Just check out the table below to see how much discount you can enjoy based on the number of tokens you collect:
# – Celcom Broadband tokens.

Of course, when I said everyone gets to enjoy the Celcom Great Sale, I really mean EVERYONE! Even if you’re not currently a Celcom Broadband user, you can get to enjoy amazing deals by just signing up now and get awesome discounts off a HP Mini 110, HP G42 Notebook, or a MiFi Router! (subject to 12-month contract and RM100 registration fee). You can also sign up for Celcom Broadband Daily or Weekly at promotional prices (RM5/day for Daily; RM18/week for Weekly).

# – Awesome deals for potential Celcom Broadband customers.

So ushering in the New Year with a brand new phone whether you’re upgrading or changing your phone is a great possibility now with Celcom Great Sale! Don’t wait anymore and log on to for more information :)

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