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MIX fm Strives for a Tune-Up

I’ve been a MIX fm listener for the longest time so I was very pleased to know that they’ve recently come up with a survey to improve its loyal listeners’ experience.

MIX fm is ready to be evaluated by the people who matter most, the listeners. Best of all, take part in the exercise and win a brand new iPhone 4!

The managers at MIX fm are off for a year-end break and loyal listeners are now given the opportunity to tell exactly what they want from their favourite station. Yes, listeners are now playing the role of MIX fm’s very own Radio Manager via MIX fm Radio Tune-up.

Tell the station what is awesome about it and what is not, what should stay and what should be thrown out the window. Honesty is the best policy, so don’t be afraid to tell everything and anything, whatever the concerns may be.

SOURCE: MIX fm Press Release.

# – The MIX fm Tune-Up Survey.

I was very excited to rank all the songs listed in the survey but to my surprise, all I was looking at were either manufactured pop, pretty boybands, a Whitney Houston or two and sappy love songs!

MIX fm! How can?? How can??? You have much to improve, my old companion!

Where are the Beatles? Where are the Oasis and Blur? Where are the rock & roll? Where are the local artistes??

Thankfully, there were empty entries for me to fill out what other songs that they should be playing and boy was I on a roll! I’m happy that MIX fm has taken the initiative to listen to its audience instead of just doing the opposite :)

# – The survey’s song list. Aiyoyo!!! Lucky there are options to put in other songs!

Hopefully, my voice and opinions can reach out to MIX fm and its position as my favourite radio station of all time can be restored!

Help make MIX fm better by filling out this survey here or the forms distributed by MIX fm Road Runners. You could even win an iPhone 4 for doing so!

At the end of the questionnaire just complete the slogan “I Love MIX fm because…” and every week, from now until December 17, MIX fm will select a winner with the best slogan to grab a cool iPhone 4.

Thank you MIX fm for being brave enough to face the music instead of just playing them :)

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