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Imaginary bun in the oven.

Okay, I didn’t even tweet about what I was worried about because I was not sure what I might do if I did get pregnant. I’ve had regular periods since I was 12. They were often annoying and painful but never failed to show up. Last month I had a particularly bad episode so a big part of me was casually hoping I’d never get another period in my life. They say, becareful of what your wished for.

1st week passed, 2nd week passed, 3rd week passed, 4th week passed. No sign of Aunt Flo. No sore breasts, no aching pelvic, nothing. And I’ve been in a ridiculously great mood too. And I’ve been eating for Africa. WTF??? I tried to recall whether we had been idiots? My memory was sketchy at best. I started to get really worried.

BF asked me to get a pregnancy test kit. I went to the pharmacy to check them out but didn’t buy any in the end cause I was scared shitless. I started imagining having a kid. No offense to parents, but oh gawd it’s so awful. I am just so not in the right frame of mind. I admit it, flabby belly and armpit discoloration. Two things that are synonymous with pregnancy to me. I want to get a wardrobe and shoe overhaul soon and I CAN’T be stocking up with maternity stuff! I can’t convert my activity room at the new house into a baby room! JUST AWFUL!! AWFUL, AWFUL, AWFUL!

Was feeling especially tired today. Ran a lot of errands and finally got home to take a power nap before heading to a party. I slept through the alarm, but got woken up by a wet sensation down under. I had a dreamless sleep so it couldn’t be a naughty dream.

Went to the toilet, checked my undies.

Glad I didn’t waste money on a pregnancy test kit.

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This sucks!

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate using the vacuum cleaner? It is clunky and heavy. It always get stuck behind a furniture or worse, turn turtle when you yank it a little too hard. The cable always get twisted into dozens of crazy knots. I fucking hate it.

But yet, having a head full off disloyal hair and a dog that sheds as much, the hoover is pertinent in keeping the damn house clean. So I use it albeit unwillingly.

Yesterday, for instance, I decided to whip out the hoover to clean the house. In the middle of cleaning, I was possessed by the Vacuum Cleaning Ghost (also known as Good Mood). So I started hoovering up chairs, tables, cabinets, aircon vents, anything and everything I came across.

Then I spotted my dusty keyboard, which by the way was disgustingly covered in food crumbs and whatnot. Naturally, I placed the mouth of the hammerhead shark looking thing onto my laptop keyboard. Man…the satisfaction of seeing all those filth being sucked up voraciously by the hoover.

I began to like my clunky, heavy vacuum cleaner. I even imagined the possibility of using it everyday! And then I heard a light pop. And then I looked down.

# – And then I saw this.

I freaked out. But of course, I had to tweet about it 1st then only deal with the situation. It was extremely important that everybody was informed that that I had sucked a key out of my filthy keyboard. In panic, I had thought I’d lost my CTRL key.

# – I intelligently laid 300watt of suction power over my keyboard.

What followed next was an experience I would really like to erase from my memory, forever.

Which is worse? Sticking your hand into a soiled toilet bowl to pick out something that wasn’t meant to be there or sticking your hand into a dirtbag that had been collecting dirt for the past 6 years to pick out something that wasn’t meant to be there?

Thankfully, I had just emptied the dirtbag minutes before the incident took place so it was fairly easy to maneuver my fingers in and around.

# – Yummy.

Atfer what seemed like an eternity, I managed to fish the damn key out. Turned out it’s an UP key that got sucked in.

# – I found UP.

Unfortunately I couldn’t stick it back into my keyboard :(

Vacuum cleaner sucks!

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Get Blackberried with Celcom!

Woohoo, a new and improved phone from Blackberry’s Bold range has finally reached our shores for the very FIRST time thanks to Celcom. Launched on 13-14 November 2010 at Go Mobile! 2010, KL Convention Centre, Celcom customers who purchased the phones there were also entitled to pick up fantastic prizes like a Modenas bike, free phones and much more!

# – Celcom offering the latest Blackberry 9780 at Go Mobile!

The Blackberry Bold 9780 is a vast improvement from its predecessor, the Bold 9700 in terms of camera and memory but most importantly, it runs on the powerful OS 6.0!!!

# – Check out the comparison between the 9780 & 9700.

I’ve been a user of Blackberry 9700 for a while now and while I love the functionality, reliability and simplicity of Blackberry’s communications features, I’ve always been a little disappointed with the performance of its browser and camera. With the new Bold 9780, mobile web surfing and photographing will be much, much more pleasant!

# – The Blackberry Bold 9780.

Blackberry is my most sturdy access to the outside world. I can use it to receive both personal & work emails, receive & open email attachments, stay in contact with my people via various kinds of Instant Messaging (ie: Blackberry Messenger, Gtalk, WhatsApp & PingChat), use Facebook, Twitter and even Foursquare! Uploading pics & updating status or even replying friends? I can do it anytime and anywhere as long as my crackberry’s battery power is available.

Speaking of battery life, I thought the 9700 was already impressive but the 9780 has the longest battery life amongst all phones in the BlackBerry range with 6 hours of talktime and 38 hours of music playback time! WOWZER!

Or if you’re more interested in a Blackberry device with touch screen feature, look no further than the Torch 9800! The phone is aesthetically pleasing, has a 3.2 touchscreen for better user experience and all the awesome features of a Blackberry! Like the Bold 9780, it has a 5 megapixel camera and runs on the amazing OS 6.0! I can’t stress enough the wonders of having the versatility of being able to use both touchscreen and qwerty keyboard!

# – The Blackberry Torch 9800.

Want to get yourself a Bold 9780 or Torch 9800? Celcom is offering a straight-forward and affordable way to do so, just check the table below for your most prefered type of package and you can own a Blackberry in no time! You can choose from either the Celcom Exec Postpaid Plans or the Celcom Biz Plans.

# – Celcom Exec Postpaid Plans.

# – Celcom Biz Plans.

Sign up now with Celcom Exec postpaid plans or Celcom Bizand you can even get free gifts of beautiful softskin and casing for your Blackberry!

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