Everyone is self-serving to a degree, but to blatantly rip off your friends or hurt their feelings? I’m sorry, I can’t accept that. I’ve been told numerous times that I can be rather intense when it comes to my relationships with people. I can be brutally vocal and unforgiving towards certain individuals I’ve deemed unworthy. But, I’m not a maniac. I’m not the paragon of morality. All I’m asking for is just people to be considerate and have some semblance of genuineness. You don’t have to be Mother Theresa.

If it’s business, then keep it strictly business. Don’t act like I’m your lifelong’s answer to a great friendship than bite me in the fucking ass or guilt trip me into submission to achieve your stupid goals. Don’t make snide or insensitive remarks about me then laugh it off like it’s just a funny joke when it’s just you trying to pacify your own insecurities. Yeah, I have self deprecating humour, but NOT THAT MUCH. Don’t try to comfort me as if you really know me when it’s just you getting off in pretending to be my good friend.

Is it so hard? Life is too short. Fuck courtesy, just get rid of the company of people who get you down. There’s too little time to entertain these self-serving egomaniacs.

15 thoughts on “Emo-babble.”

  1. em… You know… Karma does exist.

    You never know when it comes full circle and bite us in the ass.

    Whatever it is, we should know when not to do extremely stupid things.

    When shit hits the fan, you’ve only got yourself to blame.

  2. mike: thanks man

    warlock: i believe in karma.

    st: word!

    aud: yeah ppl come and go, just keep those who are nice

    joanna: yeah, i can understand if it’s blood. but if not, whats the point, right?

    shari: thanks babe

    suanie: yeah, as we get older we are also more sure of who are the keepers.

  3. Poor Kimtakcun. Trying so hard to prove she’s an angel and has more friends than Mr E.

    Try harder. People have more friends than you now.

    People no need to write emo post to show he got more friends unlike you.

    Tsk tsk.. memang psycho.

    1. tsktsk: wtf eric yong? u can stop trolling and defend yourself publicly if you’re so nice and noble. only you would think it’s a competition for number of friends. wheee you have more NEW friends now, GOOD ON YOU.

      lets see when they’re gonna dump your ass after they find out what a lame, attention-seeking, conniving fat fuck you are. oh and that miserable lying skank of a girlfriend jaclyn chew you got? can you tell her to stop borrowing money from people and pay up whatever she’s been owing people, that’s including all the advertorial moneys she’s been owing all those bloggers.

      have some class, please? oh i forgot, money doesn’t buy class. maybe you should stop pretending having a lot of work to do at your father’s company and actually get some real work done. you obviously can’t hack it as some social media entrepreneur. i’m sorry for your parents and your sisters, honestly.

      oh btw, though i can’t really tell if it’s you or not….it still feels good to say this out. thank your friends? :)

  4. As an outsider, this guy (eric yong) with his IQ he should have a low voice Believe me, he’s making a monkey out of himself without his father he’s nothing and that gf of him sound like a cheap lowborn.

  5. very curious about this fat boy. Can share more ah? Googled the girlfriend. She seems pretty hot. What does she see in that guy ?

    Wallet ? It would be nice to know the whole story.

  6. AMEN to that! The fact that the person you talked about in your post found it fit to reply proves that he is indeed what you say he is! HAHA! As we grow older, we should surround ourselves with people we care about and who genuinely care about you too. So good job! One courage badge for you today!

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