Yeap, that’s what I am. Can’t be wasting such nice makeup and hair (had a magazine shoot, wahhhhhhhh I sound so glam right?).

I really admire girls who take time to apply makeup and style their hair everyday, it’s so much work!!! I wish I were half as disciplined so that I don’t need to look like I just ran into a dirty wall everyday.

Set camera on timer. Kept praying the lift doors won’t open cause I would actually die of embarrassment :P

Wearing my RM18 top I got last weekend from Sunway Pyramid and my 3 year old high waisted trousers from Nichii. Caged heels are from a shop called Elements in 1U. I’ve got another pair in grey too.

Yeah, I might as well call this post, “Kimberly’s discounted clothes”.

Hungry max now (of course I had to starve myself for the shoot la!). Where’s the man aka “bearer of dinner” when you need him?

16 thoughts on “Poser.”

  1. Love reading your posts! Never commented but for this post I have to say, gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous babe!! =o)

  2. sotong: come touch me lor

    tzia: not as half as hot as you babe. mwahsssss

    wendy: thanks :)

    st: u better be thinking like that all the time

    gin: thanks babe!

    ian: omg didn’t notice the cameras, fml!

    aud: i don’t really. only the bf and myself can ever take half decent pictures of me lor!

    selina: haha tq babe

    annabella: thanks!! appreciate the kind comment ;)

    ky: kinda dreading the actual pics, i don’t think they looked very nice :P

  3. Nice pictures!!! Love ur pants, heels n most of all the spectacles!! Have been searching high n low for it, can share where did u get this piece of gem?


  4. fiseel: i got it from a shop in 1 Utama. it’s same row with dragon-i. it’s actually a La Perla sunglasses frame, i just replaced the original lenses with my prescription lenses. good luck!

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